Preventing our own self-annihilation will primarily come about through the concerted actions of a relatively small part of society with a reverence for all life and nature and with a clear shared vision and objective.  Matthew Foster – world citizen

Welcome to the worldwide community of Civis Mundi (world citizens)

This concept (that we need a plan, and that we need to come together worldwide) has been modified many times over the past 25 years and will continue to reflect my latest views.

Latest modification 21 April 2015

A couple of days ago I visited the home page of Avaaz. They were asking for supporter input for future activities. I happily obliged and took part in the survey.

I immediately noted that most of the petitions could easily be placed under the category of HUMAN RIGHTS and that most of the petitions were directed to single legislative assemblies. The sum total of all interests would possibly fit under 6 or 8 category headings.

In my work here at CIVISMUNDI, I use about 25 categories which I will list here. You will note that in my list there is no category titled GLOBAL WARMING. I see this as a symptom of our misuse of  ENERGY and TRANSPORTION.

Here are my current suggestions

Air quality, Democracy/Voting, Drugs, Energy, Farming/Forestry, Fishing/Whaling, Food,    Genetic engineering, Health, Human Rights, Information & Education, Land/Soil Degradation, Mining, Nuclear Issues, People’s Commons/natural resources, Plastic Dangers, Population,   Species (or biodiversity), Toxins, Trade and Labor, Transportation, Waste Recycle, Water Resources. (I need a category for institutions like the world bank and think tanks but a title eludes me)

To be brief, I filled in one of the Avaaz survey suggestion boxes with a letter suggesting that Avaaz was in the best position, of any organization in the world, to help correct some of the problems we have created for ourselves. I am not suggesting that AVAAZ change their operation but I am suggesting that they could create a separate site using the AVAAZ platform.

My letter to AVAAZ of 19 April 2015

I wonder if Avaaz has considered using the Avaaz model to address all social and environmental issues in a slightly different and aggressive manner. (Perhaps as a parallel movement)

I am suggesting that all issues that directly affect the survival of mankind are listed, categorized into perhaps 25 groups, prioritized with assistance of NGOs and groups, verified by membership and then made into petitions − but rather than direct these petitions to individual legislations they would be directed to legislations in all 196 nations at the same time.

These petitions could be sent to members who choose to be informed on any of the 25 plus categories − each of which would have equal weight and be presented to the public for action in a repeating sequence − for the next 25 years minimum.

If this new and parallel initiative was dubbed civic mundi − world citizen (as an example) then we could set up world citizen cafes, world citizen approved political candidates etc.

We need to stop the fragmentation of effort and bring the whole world together in support of both people and planet. The Avaaz model is the only approach that I see that can achieve this lofty and essential goal.

Let’s suppose that I had only one concern − as an example − plastic. I could opt to see all petitions put forth on plastic. These would come around about once every year. If I opted to be informed on all categories I would be sent a petition for consideration about once every 14 days.

I would be more than willing to donate to such an effort.


Matthew Foster

Simply put, what I am suggesting is a 25 year plan to address the 25 plus categories of social/ecological issues systematically and consistently. It would appear, to me, that AVAAZ has the skill and knowhow to do this without reinventing the wheel.

If you agree with we need a worldwide movement similar to Avaaz that encompasses all of the 25 plus categories and thousands of issues within such categories then please help promote and expand on this idea. I am open to any and all suggestions.

If you would like to register as a Civis Mundi, I will keep you informed if anything transpires.

Sincerely, Matthew Foster – civis mundi sum  Email : civismundi@civismundi.net
Trying to put people into the process.

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  • Thanks for your email regarding the coming together of all of us colleagues at the Global Chorus. I will read more and be back in touch. I love the idea.

    John Lundin

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