Today we are confronting the greatest challenge ever faced by a group of beings in the 4 billion year history of this planet: how to ensure not only the survival of the human race but the preservation of the rest of life on Earth. Quote from Todd E. MacLean of Global Chorus

Preventing our own self-annihilation will primarily come about through the concerted actions of a relatively small part of society with a reverence for all life and nature and with a clear shared vision and objective.  Matthew Foster – world citizen

Welcome to the worldwide community of Civis Mundi (world citizens)

Simply put (for those who want a quick overview)– a 25 year plan to address 26 categories of social/ecological issues systematically. We can and we must. We owe it to the future to at least try

This resurrected Civis Mundi site is the result of hearing Todd E. MacLean on CBC radio. In the course of the program he said that he was asking 365 people from around the world the question noted below. Each eligible submission could not exceed 350 words. His web site indicates that the completed collection will be published in the fall of 2014 under the title Global Chorus

“Do you think that humanity can find a way past the current global environmental and social crises? Will we be able to create the conditions necessary for our own survival, as well as that of other species on the planet? What would these conditions look like? In summary, then, and in the plainest of terms, do we have hope, and can we do it?”

Civismundi.net will be dedicated to the grand vision which is proposed in my 335 word submission, which follows.

STOP – Save This Our Planet – Please

The people and planet have many dire problems. We must accept that there is only one key with which to effectively tackle these problems. We have given the scientists, corporations, politicians, and the UN, the opportunity at resolving the global social/ecological crisis; now it is the people’s turn to step directly into the process in a more effective way. From the Rio Earth Summit/1992, until now, we’ve seen little meaningful progress. We must ultimately react more quickly and resolutely. We know the issues; we have unlimited knowledge accumulated within several million NGO data bases; we have the means and knowhow to communicate globally; we know the power of social media. We are fragmented and all trying to be heard in our various political systems which are unfortunately highly influenced by powerful international market forces and are unreceptive to our concerns. It is indeed a bad situation in which the whole world shares, but it is not hopeless. Collectively we can propose and significantly influence meaningful changes if we can simply get organized into a cohesive, worldwide movement and:

  • Develop a social media site dedicated solely to social/environmental issues.
  • Incorporate multi-language capabilities to communicate with the world.
  • Categorize all social/ecological issues into manageable groups (26 Max)
  • Prioritize the issues in each category through debate and consensus and put them into a 20/25 year plan.
  • Use the new site, and/or allied sites, to put the issues to the world`s people for approval in a logical format with a consistent approach. (I.e. One issue in each category every two weeks equals the addressing of 26 separate issues per year)
  • Forward the duly considered petition, with the names of the signatories, concurrently to the legislatures of all nations, as this is a crucial worldwide emergency that affects everything.
  • Require every category unreservedly to have equal weight and equal opportunity to put its particular issues to the public for debate and consideration each year in its turn.
  • Accept that time is our unforgiving enemy.

Sincerely, Matthew Foster – civis mundi sum  Email : civismundi@civismundi.net
PS Together we can do this.

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