Political Ideology and its characteristics

Political Ideology and its characteristics

About ten years ago a group I am associated with contacted the Dutch embassy for information on Proportional Representative electoral systems. (As is used in much of Europe) They responded by saying they would provide a Political Science Professor if we could provide at least three venues for his presentation. We readily obliged as they provided this Professor’s airfare and they sent him on his way to Toronto. All we were required to provide was transportation, accommodation and meals.

He stayed at my house for the Cambridge presentation; we fed him; he gave his talk at the Newfoundland Club; I hope you attended; we became good friends; he and his wife have returned twice to visit; not the end of the story.

I became determined to understand political ideology better and spent about a year putting together a big round political chart. In addition, I wrote out all of the manifestations of political ideology that I could find, trying hard to avoid political party names. Avoiding party names is important because parties move away from their founding ideologies as they become more extreme.

In all I compiled lists for Laborism on the Left and Entrepreneurialism on the Right and labelled these as Acceptable Ideology.

Next came Progressivism on the Left and Laissez-Faire Freemarketism & Freemarket Traditionalism on the right and labelled these as Tolerable Ideologies.

Next came Collectivism on the Left and Quasi-Fascism & Corporatism on the Right and labelled these as Radical

Next came Despotism & Socio-Anarchism (or if you prefer Anarcho-Socialism) on the Left and Free-Market Anarchism & Totalitarianism on the Right and labelled these as Fanatical.

Next appeared ideologies that are hard to place in a given spot on any chart as they reach into all party ideologies I.E The Religious Left and the Religious Right, Environmentalism and Separatism

The political chart was whittled back to the bare bones and put on my old website here – http://civismundi.net/civismundi.php?p=06-Political+Chart It is dated but it is available for any young people to take and improve.

At the very end there are charts indicating where the centre of the Canadian and American ideologies sit as best I could determine. You may disagree, but you are free to put the centre where you like just as I was.

The ideologies, and manifestations of such ideologies, are just sitting here on the computer. Here is hoping that someone might find them interesting enough to read and ponder. Obviously the whole collection is a bit difficult to digest at one sitting but over a few weeks it might be tolerable.

Next week I will review and post the acceptable ideology categories for your consideration.

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