A book endorsement

I have never written a book endorsement before but after reading this book (Rocky Mountain Locust – opus I – Trio & (continuing story) Opus II – Quartet) I decided to do so . The books can be purchased in hard, soft and ebook formats from FriesenPress Bookstore: http://www.friesenpress.com/bookstore Look for it under title (Rocky Mountain Locust) or author, M.I. Lastman.

Rocky Mountain Locust – opus I – Trio & (continuing story) Opus II – Quartet

In his retirement years, septuagenarian Jim Easom finds himself swept into the greatest adventure of his life. As he recovers from a nasty virus he finds himself alone with neighbors and family all dead or missing. As he regains his strength, he finds that the world, without humans to maintain the infrastructure, is rapidly becoming a changed, contaminated and dangerous place.

He sets out from Ontario to make a rendezvous with a faint voice he has heard on a shortwave radio. In his journey through the now borderless continent he encounters many diverse challenges. Eventually in his long travel he meets up with a small cast of engaging and charming characters As they travel and survive in this strange new world Jim has to be creative to overcome the many obstacles they face. Jim marks their trail so that any other survivors who chance upon his route will know his destination.

The author has widely researched the topic of potential pandemics and of a strange world without people. The reader will enjoy the grand adventure of Jim Easom and his engaging followers in this great two-part novel of survival. Author, M. I. Lastman gave life to the characters and I felt as if I knew them all personally.

Matthew R. Foster

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