A new religion

I am reading a book about the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland. I shook my head in bewilderment as I read where the evangelical pastor Ian Paisley (apparently) incited Protestants to fire bomb Catholic homes. He would use his power of persuasion and actually give the addresses of Catholics living in areas that he deemed to be Protestant territory.

He so incited people with his poisoned dogma so that when Catholics staged a peaceful march, his followers used a tractor to deliver stones to Protestants lying in ambush so that they could be pummel them with bricks and quarried stones.

This type of action of course can be found everywhere throughout history so it is not unique to the Irish. As my ancestry is both Irish and English, I thought that I could use them here as a small example of our universal cruelty.

Years ago I sat on a bar stool beside a work colleague, somewhere in Arkansas as I recall. He asked me if I believed in any religion. To this I suggested that if I were developing a religion, then no one would gain salvation from his/her deeds from just one lifetime. Each individual would have to live multiple lifetimes. (Perhaps 40) Why should someone who lived a sheltered uneventful life gain salvation when other less fortunate persons were cast onto damnation’s fire? Why indeed? There would be a score card where you gained or lost points depending on how you behaved over these multiple lifetimes of rebirths. There would be challenges like the following.

Each consecutive rebirth would alternate so that half your lives would be male and half female.

Over time everyone would be born with a different skin color and different racial features and would be born into different belief systems.

Everyone would have the opportunity to least once to be diseased and deformed in some way; to die in countless wars; to be blessed with more or less grey matter in their successive new heads.

A crowning feature might be that if you hated someone of another religion or race you would be reborn as one of those you scorn. (I won’t carve that one on the stone just yet.)

At the end of the trial period of 40 or so lives, our demerit points would be tabulated and we would be judged accordingly.

I have yet to name this new religion. Maybe ?? Any thoughts?

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