A Report

Team member A gives report

“My assigned question was as follows — I want you to tell me why we cannot seem to make any headway with social and environmental issues. Look at everything you think is relevant.”

Team Leader – “If anyone reading this report would like to help please contact civis mundi here




“Simply put we are hopelessly fragmented. Our modus operandi is pretty much confined to organized demonstrations where we chant slogans and beg for climate action, but never any specifics or priorities. There is no overall plan whatsoever, particularly when it comes to coordinating the efforts of lawmakers in 195 plus nations.”

“I looked at the role of individual politicians and political party ideology; I looked at business and corporate objectives. As for corporations and business interest they will do most anything to make a product and profit. If there is a cheaper way to do it they will do it regardless of the consequences. I looked at the UN, scientist’s efforts, climate summits etc. None of these can possibly cope with the magnitude of the problems facing all life, including both that of mankind – and the planet.”

“If I were a politician, I would be hard pressed as to know where to start. I am not an expert and neither are most of the politicians. What is needed is a well-considered spreadsheet where priorities are set out for at least a year; no lawmaker is capable of doing a thousand things at one time. I have attached a draft spreadsheet at the back of the report for your consideration.”

Team Leader to team, “I will not ask many questions until all reports are presented. Then we will try to condense everything into a few statements – OK?”

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