I really don’t care if you find fault with the ideas expressed here so long as you offer better ones. Matt Foster – Citoyen du Monde


What does Civis Mundi mean

These two words Civis Mundi are Latin for Citizen of the World or World Citizen. (I prefer to use these two Latin words here, as it reduces the use of the English language, which annoys some people)

Vision and 25 year strategy (revised 9 Feb 2019)

People will often rely on a quote to add support for a point of view. Well, I would like to use two – both are attributed to Albert Einstein, and both are worth repeating, considering the state of our frightful worldwide problems from both social and environmental issues.

One quote says, “A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels” and the other says, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If public demonstrating, acts of civil disobedience, writing to editors, lobbying politicians, assembling climate scientists and convening UN initiatives is not working, then what is the alternative? I will come to that, but first a little background should help.

We know who has to resolve the issues, as politicians are the ones who ultimately make the rules and the laws. They are in fact the mysterious “somebody” that most everyone mentions, when they say “somebody” has to do something soon.

A couple of years ago, I contributed to, and read the book entitled Global Chorus, conceived and edited by Todd McLean; 365, mostly notable world figures, tried to answer the following question:

“Do you think that humanity can find a way past the current global environmental and social crises? Will we be able to create the conditions necessary for our own survival, as well as that of other species on the planet? What would these conditions look like? In summary, then, and in the plainest of terms, do we have hope, and can we do it?”

Of 365 essays, nothing much offered any concrete direction; most of these notables all said “somebody has to do something.” That is not totally true, as one person said that we needed to do something different. Full disclosure – as there was room for one more essay in the book, my rendering was fortunately included, and I am still saying the same thing today as I did then; that is, I am advocating for an entirely new approach to resolving social and environmental challenges; I believe my idea is workable, but, like trying to design and build a rocket for a trip to the moon, it will need a lot of input, planning, and refining.

We know what the problems are; we know that politicians, as the lawmakers, are crucial; we know that agreements unravel faster than they can be put together; we know that politicians have a hard time juggling promises of jobs and prosperity and the environment; we know some of the moneyed forces working against our interests; we know that the media pretty much ignores the situation; we know that there are 20,000 000 NGOs and countless activist groups trying to do something, as I get mail from a good number of them. There are lots of things that don’t work very well. Can we find a solution? Can we put some order and structure into resolving problems on an international scale? Can we do it through one organization? Can we agree on priorities? Can we put the problems to the lawmakers in all 193 countries at the same time? I say yes we can, to all these questions.

Sixteen year old Greta Thunberg of Sweden, has singlehandedly created more awareness and global interest than any individual who I can recall. She addressed the U.N. plenary recently in Katowice, Poland; she said “you are stealing our future” as she condemned global inaction in the face of catastrophic climate change. She also said that all power belongs to the people and she is correct on both counts. Following her example, young people are skipping classes all over the world to get a point across regarding Climate Change and other survival concerns.

Guess what they are saying? Yes, they are saying, “PLEASE DO SOMETHING!” It all started with a cardboard sign that said “Skol strejk för klimatet” or “school strike for climate”. It is time for us adults to take up the gantlet and do something for their sake, if not for our own.

As I said, we know that politicians are crucial, but they do have other priorities and difficulty with dealing with climate change and all of the other issues. We would do well to consider how much we could accomplish if we were elected in their place. The truth is that we could not do much either. How can the meek, weak, young and old make these lawmakers listen to us? I suggest that we need to turn our frustrations and concerns into E-Demand/Petitions on a grand scale; all of which can be signed by anyone over 15 years of age; it is their and our world that is in jeopardy.

Petitions are now sanctioned in Canada and a few other countries; there is a formal way of making one up, but it is up to the originator to find supporters. This is a daunting exercise and it is not the tool I am referring to as we must organize on a much larger international scale.

A few groups use E-petitions; of these, Avaaz is probably the most notable; it has 50,000,000 members. The petitions are drafted by a small staff, or they originate with individual members. Most of these are not earth-worthy petitions and they are usually just sent to legislatures of individual nations or to corporations. Some have achieved remarkable results, for which I am grateful. They generally address two or three categories of problems; most notably Human Rights and Species threats, whereas I suggest there are 26 categories.

To make this all this work to my way of thinking, we need a few rules for our enhanced E-Demand/Petitions. Basic guidelines for social justice advocates, and environmentalists worldwide would be –

  • List all of your concerns
  • Categorize your concerns
  • Prioritize your lists through logic and consensus
  • Submit your priorities to a social media site solely dedicated to working on behalf of citizens of the whole planet. (It does not exist yet)
  • Carry on with your own agendas, but please, do ask your members to sign any relevant E-Demand/Petitions that you have submitted for consideration.


What would this new social media entity do for environmentalists and Social justice advocates? (if it existed)

  • Put structure and order into the worldwide pleas for action
  • Create an E-Demand/Petition to their and your specifications and requirements
  • Present E-Demand/Petitions to the membership for consideration and signatures for only the categories each member selects to support
  • Distribute the E-Demand/Petition to the lawmakers in all 193 nations. (In their language)
  • Give every category equal weight and attention
  • Make no E-Demand/Petitions without wide consensus.
  • Repeat the process when all categories have had their E-Demand/Petition processed once and then start again from the top with a new demand
  • Create a spread sheet that would tell the entire world what we want done over the next 25 years so that no one is unaware of our collective concerns and determination to see things addressed in a timely and consistent manner.

Conclusion: We seriously need to explore a new way of looking at resolving our problems. The ideas expressed here may not be perfect but it could be a starting point to develop something better and essential.

26 Categories of concerns

The difficulties we have with the wellbeing of the planet are global and transcend all borders. Resolving a problem in a single city, state or nation is of vital importance, however getting everyone involved and active in every nation to a single objective should be the essential and ultimate goal.

No individual or country is exempt from the offenses we create with our combined and separate activities whether they are from our past or ongoing actions and abuses. The problems we face are worldwide problems. An assault on the ecosystem in one country is an assault on the planet. An assault on the health and welfare of people in one country is something we all need to consider if we truly believe in universal justice.

The categories proposed are as follows. (List is open to change and improvement): edited April 2019

  1. AIR QUALITY (Year one – To reduce air pollution, introduce laws set limits for both heating and cooling levels in all places of business) You will note that quite often an issue can be linked to several other categories
  2. Democracy/Voting — Rough draft prepared (Year one – identify and create universal laws to eliminate all issues that disenfranchise voters)
  3. DRUGS (Year one – apply a water pollution tax to environmentally destructive pharmaceuticals )
  4. ENERGY (Year one – Set regulations on thermostat settings for AC and heating or make space tourism illegal before it gains a foothold)
  5. FARMING/FORESTRY (year one – promote the use of handkerchiefs and tax single use throw-away forest products to cut back on (Deforesting) overuse)
  6. FISHING/WHALING (Year one – ban plastic fish nets universally)
  7. FOOD (Year one – ban plastic food can linings containing bisphenol-A (BPA), a prolific endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC) )
  8. GENETIC ENGINEERING (Year one – ban the introduction of any modified animal of fish as food or make labeling of such products mandatory))
  9. GLOBAL WARMING – (Year one – Make it illegal to burn off Waste Gas in Oil Fields)
  10. Health (year one – set a goal to control or eliminate leprosy)
  11. HUMAN RIGHTS ( year one – ban Female Genital Mutilation universally and punish violators)
  12. INFORMATION AND EDUCATION (Year one – demand that there be an environmental and social justice TV channel on every broadcasting network free from corporate interference)
  13. LAND/SOIL DEGRADATION (Year one – Restrict human burial to un-farmable land.)
  14. MINING (Year one – no mercury or arsenic in processing of ore)
  15. INSTITUTIONAL CONSIDEATIONS (Year one – Control public usury f within leading orgs)
  16. NUCLEAR ISSUES (Year one – Ban depleted uranium ammunition universally)
  17. PEOPLES COMMONS/NATURAL RESOURCES (Year one – stop the practice of withdrawing water from aquifers for bottling by private entrepreneurs)
  18. PLASTIC DANGERS (Year one – ban manufacture, import/export, sale of microbeads)
  19. SPECIES (or biodiversity) (year one – no export or import of exotic fish or birds by private citizens)
  20. TOXINS (Year one – apply a water pollution tax to birth control pills to encourage the development of alternatives)
  21. TRADE AND LABOR (Year one – Make Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights universally enforced in 193 nations)
  22. TRANSPORTATION – air, sea, personal, goods etc. (Year one – Ban tourist space travel before it gains a foothold or heavily tax tourist air-travel.)
  23. WASTE/RECYCLE (Year one – Institute a tax on all products made out of plastic (expose the stupidity of trying to control plastic pollution by recycling and put the onus on the manufacturers where it belongs)
  24. WATER RESOURCES (year one – ban embalming of corpses to protect ground water resource)
  25. OPEN CATEGORY (Your choice or perhaps by public vote)

The Issues

Here are a few more problems and concerns that have been noted over the years — in no particular order

Denigration of women’s rights, battered women, child poverty, child exploitation, world hunger, child soldiers, leprosy, IMF policies, hormone mimicking chemicals in the environment, undemocratic voting systems, flawed election systems, hackable voting machines, health care as a right, freedom to know and be heard, monopolizing of the media, spin doctoring, soil erosion, world fish stocks, loss of biodiversity, rain forests, habitat loss, species decline, landfills, excess packaging, vehicle emission standards, vehicle mileage standards, sea pollution, oil transportation, lead pollution, pesticide use, estrogens in drinking water, dental amalgam pollution, Minimoto disease, fish farming, irradiation of produce, genetically modified organisms, labelling of food, special interest lobby groups, lost representative democracies, Middle East conflict, global warming/climate change, disadvantaged children, arsenic leach mining, oil sands energy, salt usage on roads, water softener salt problems, automotive recycle programs, planned obsolescence, 30,000 nuclear warheads, nuclear proliferation, depleted uranium contamination, birth defect rise, salvaging the people’s commons, right of way, air pollution, coal power generation, renewable energy, bio-fuel, space exploration pollution, air travel pollution, ozone depletion, boating pollution, noise pollution, scent pollution, whaling, illegal fishing, livestock pollution, fresh water standards, special interest think tanks, public broadcasting, dragnet fishing, seabed destruction, dolphin decline, vaccine contamination, artificial sweeteners, food additives, plastic chemical leaching in toys, plastic bag problem, Teflon concerns, criminal activity in business, plight of the Inuit and other First Nations people, northern waters concerns, oil exploration concerns, foreign interference in domestic governments, private armies, torture, extraordinary rendition, artificial news, arms trade, traditional health products, seas, exposing “False Flag” operations, the Ogallala aquifer depletion, water tables, water diversions, river dams, growth hormones, contaminated meat, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, UV tanning beds, indoor pollution, asbestos usage problems, animal extinctions, gasoline additive problems, bee and insect pollination concern, drug resistant diseases, air standards, pesticide residue in food, excess chemicals in food, food container chemical leaching, national obesity, community recycle programs, dioxins, CO2 levels, bottled water, Great Lakes water basin, fair trade produce, declining male fertility, wilderness sell off, nuclear power generation, human rights, factory farms, clear cutting, farm forests, fish farming, natural disaster planning and relief, rising sea water/displaced people, undermining UN effectiveness, UN Veto abuse, Cell phone radiation, flower trade, herbicides, unfair international trade practices, unfair subsidies, World Bank policies, acid rain, rare raw resources, armament race, monetary disorder, wealth inequality, usury, world law, religious zealots, melding state with religion, dumbing down of populations, corporate owned academics, the business of war, academic freedom, masquerading greens, tritium filled lighting, tritium levels in water, treatment of animals, electronic waste, illegal drugs, cancer research, global monopoly, vanity jewelry, Bovine Somatotropin (BST), light pollution, pressure treated wood problems, sexual slavery, trafficking in people, genital mutilation, tradition of leblouh (forced feeding of girls), fraudulent advertising, internet fraud, identity theft, infiltration of NGOs (by special interests) plus infiltration of student groups, plus environmental groups and agencies, etc new April 2019 – exotic feather trade laws,

Would you like to add to the list?


This site has been set up by Bob Jonkman of SOBAC Microcomputer Services for Matthew R. Foster of Cambridge Ontario. All content is subject to revision as it is a work in progress.

Support and participation is welcomed. Remember that time is not our friend and if we don’t do it won’t get done.

How do you say world citizen in your language?

How do you say “World Citizen” or “Citizen of the World” in your language?

I like to say it in Latin as it has less prejudices

“Civis Mundi”

Here is WORLD CITIZEN in a variety of languages – thanks in part to Google Translate


Shqiptar/ Albanian: Qytetareve te Botes

ةيبرعلا / Arabic: كائنات مواطن

հայերեն / Armenian: աշխարհի քաղաքացի

Български/ Bulgarian: Гражданин на Света

中文 / Chinese 世界公民。

Hrvatski /Croatian: Građanin svijeta,

Český /Czech: Slovo občan

Dansk/Danish: Verdensborger

Nederlands/Dutch: Wereldburger

English: World Citizen

Eesti/ Estonian: Maailm kodanik

Filipino: mamamayan ng mundo

Suomi/Finnish: maailman kansalainen

Français/French: Citoyen du Monde

Deutsch/German: Weltbürger

Ελληνική/ Greek: Παγκοσμιος πολίτης

עִברִית / Hebrew: אזרח חילוני

हिंदी Hindi विश्व – नागरिक

Magyar/Hungarian: vilagpolgar

Indonesian: kata warga

Italiano/Italian: Cittadino del Mondo

Farsi/Iranian: شهرونددنیا

日本語 / Japanese せかいじん or 世界人

한국어 / Korean: 세계 시민

Latviešu/Latvian: pasaules pilsonis

Lietuvių/ Lithuanian: pasaulio pilietis

Malti/ Maltese: Ċittadin tad-Dinja

Norsk/Norwegian: V erdensborger


Português/Portuguese: Cidadão do mundo

Român/ Romanian: cetăţean al lumii

Русский/ Russian: ГРАЖДАНИН МИРА

Српски/ Serbian: gradanin svetski

Slovenský/ Slovak: Slovo občan

Slovenski /Slovenian: beseda državljan

Español/Spanish: Ciudadano del Mundo

Swahili: Raia wa ulimwengu

Svenska/Swedish: Världsmedborgare

ไทย / Thai: โลก พลเมือง

Türkçe/ Turkish: Dünya vatandaşı

Українська/ Ukrainian: Слово громадянин


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The ideas and comments within this site are the work of the founder Matthew Foster. They are put here to encourage people everywhere to get engaged in Democracy, Human Rights and Environmental concerns. They are further put forward here to solicit other ideas and to fine tune the concepts therefore the contents of any part of this site will undoubtedly change over time.

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The Civis Mundi registry is provided to show that there are other citizens who are deeply concerned with the welfare of humanity and of the planet earth and that each registrant is not singular in his/her concerns.

By registering with civismundi.net every individual agrees that civismundi.net is not liable for any personal injury, death, theft or other incidents that may occur in any action or mission undertaken by the registrant for any reason what so ever.

An individual may request that his or her name be removed from the registry. Due to manpower restraints and the anticipation of large number registering their desire to participate patience is requested when requesting removal.

No one may back date their registration.

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The colors suggested to be used with the Civis Mundi symbol, the award medallion and ribbon are all natural colors and are not associated with national symbols, flags or political affiliations. The colors represent fired terra cotta, earth, fire, water, and air/sky and nothing else.

Translations to this site are accepted in good faith as being accurate. civismundi.net cannot accept responsibility for the errors of others whether by automated translator whether deliberate or by honest error.

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