B Report

Team member B gives report

“My assigned question was as follows”:

“See if you can find any groups that have effective ideas and movements. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel here if it is not necessary. It might be the small groups that have the best ideas.”

Team Leader – “”If anyone reading this report would like to help please contact me here




Wikipedia suggests that there are 10,000,000 NGOs and countless activist groups. I think it is safe to say that most are seriously trying to make some changes for making a better world; most are run on donations and efforts of volunteers. Within these groups there are literally millions of concerned members. Collectively these would make quite a large membership in any new “umbrella” type movement – if that is part of the solution. A lot produce films and documentaries but have little global impact as the audience is fragmented and they seldom get on TV.”

Avaaz has a great membership of over 50 million. They use petitions that members sign if they are swayed by the objective of their petition; objectives are generally chosen from “hot button’ issues in the news and there is no long range plan that I can detect. There are other groups who use the same concept and social media is literally full of petitions of every sort – mostly for single nation issues and not relevant to lawmakers of all195 nations. Many nations now allow petitions to be presented formally – including Canada.”

“I think people join Avaaz, and others like it, as it gives instant satisfaction as one is contributing to a noble but not necessarily a global cause. The petitions do have a positive effect at altering a nation’s actions but do not change much in the overall global world.”

“Why? Well drafting a petition to stop trophy lion hunting or to stop stoning of one wayward woman for adultery are just and noble but these are not earth changing issues. Now if we made Demand/Petitions that demanded no trophy hunting worldwide or no “stoning” of anyone under any circumstances then that would be more significant, as the issue would be resolved globally and we could move on to a new priority. Of course all lawmakers in all nations would need to be presented with the petition at the same time to get the best result. BTW I would like to call these Demand Petitions as we need to demand change.”

“I think the petition idea is a good one if we could grow a worldwide movement that addressed only ideas that affect all of us or the entire planet; the concerned people are out there is large numbers if we can just find a way to harness their combined power to pull in a logical and reasoned direction.”

“I should mention Extinction Rebellion– XR – out of the UK. They are growing like wildfire in membership, but I have not seen a plan beyond asking for demonstrations – there are no specific demands on lawmaker s except to make things right.”

“I should also mention Greta Thunberg but she has possibly millions chomping at the bit wanting action; phenomenal energy there”


Team Leader – OK B, To summarize; in a nut shell can we say that Avaaz has a great concept that people flock to as it makes them all warm and fussy because it is effective. We can say that EX has a great recruiting concept but needs some priorities and a plan. Can we say that the petitions (if that is the way to go) could be referred to as Demand Petitions? However you will need a couple of rules to set priorities to make them reasoned demands and not emotional demands.

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