Burnt Earth - a color

TERRA COTTA is a color that literally translates as burnt earth. I think that it is an appropriate color to be identified with and to indicate our worldwide movement. Color code 161/31/18 was selected as the code we would use. There is nothing for sale here but I suggest that the following items could be used by members to make themselves visible to others. All one needs is some good old natural fiber material and the color code as noted above. Anyone, anywhere in the world could then make themselves visible. As our first example we have a NECK TIE in our distinctive burnt earth color. I personally made my own. I also made a shirt of the same material and had CIVIS MUNDI SUM embroidered on the collar – just on one side. CM tieWith this item, you could have a unique tie that indicates you are part of a worldwide effort to address serious social and environmental problems. People will ask you if you are Civis Mundi. To which you reply “Civis Mundi Sum” (I am a world  citizen)


Here below we have a SHIRT or BLOUSE POCKET sown onto a used shirt or blouse. Regardless of the shirt/blouse color this new pocket will identify you as someone who wants to change the world for the better. In this sketch it has Civis Mundi Sum embroidered on it leaving no doubt as to your views. (A service provided where work uniforms are available)

cm shirt pocket

Next we have SOCKS – Just wearing one might be better that wearing a pair. When people see you are wearing two different socks just tell them you have another pair at home that are the same.

CM Socks

Next we have a SCARF

CM scarf2

Next we have a TOQUE

CM Touque

Or how about a KERCHIEF for the ladies?

 CM Kerchief

How about a HANDKERCHIEF? Show your colors and save a tree at the same time. Together we can save a forest. I made my own handkerchiefs from the scraps left over from the shirt which I made.

CM handkerchief

A Tee Shirt that says it all even without the embodied words

cm t shirt

Now you have an excuse to speak to anyone showing the Terra Cotta colors of Civis Mundi


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