C Report

“My assigned question was as follows:

“There is a lot of civil disobedience advocated by some groups. There is also a lot of chanting and shouting. Please look into this and report on the effectiveness of such programs. What are the negatives of this approach?”

Team Leader – “If anyone reading the following report would like to help please contact civis mundi here

Team member C gives report


Civil Disobedience has been effective in many instances in the past. As an example, India managed to get the British out by using nonviolent CD. However this was a single issue within a single nation against another single nation. The problem was easily defined as GO HOME AND LET US HAVE OUR COUNTRY BACK. A straight forward problem with one solution! If we looked at our concerns – even if we concluded that Climate Change was the only concern, then we have literally thousands of problems that concern all 196 nations. IE All manufacturing, all transportations, all travel, all fossil fuel extraction, all fossil fuel usage from heating and cooling to national defense etc. etc etc. It is mind boggling. It is not as simple as chanting SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS. Civil Disobedience works best when one issue is presented and addressed one at a time, so that a different issue can be considered in sequence.”

Team Coordinator – “Interesting; demonstrations really don’t seem to have a lot of success and may annoy the people who are inconvenienced and CD works best when addressed a well-defined single problem “


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