H Report

Team member H gives report

“My assigned question was as follows — Let’s assume we will start a new global movement to address all of the problems- what would our mission statement be? How would we motivate people to work with us without annoying the hell out of the population with all the demonstrations and unhelpful hollering? I want you to think about a name, a logo and anything else that brings about comradery and a sense of purpose.”

Team Leader – “If anyone reading this report would like to help please contact civis mundi here



Let me start with a name for a new movement; it probably should not be an English word as this sometimes creates animosity. I thought that world citizen would work as it indicates both problems – i.e. people and planet. Latin should work as this is Civis Mundi and can be translated into all languages for individual nations and probably into all dialects. The Latin words Terra Cotta also translates as Burnt Earth which might be appropriate; maybe as a color banner or whatever.”

“Another idea I considered was just using a STOP sign as both a name and logo. As all nations have stop signs it is already translated. It could perhaps have an upraised had rather than the word stop. If we used the STOP sign there are a number of ways of using the letters to create the mission statement such as SAVE THIS OUR PLANET or SUPPORT THIS ONE PLAN or SOCIETY THRIVES ON PARTICIPATION. I’m sure others can come up with better acronyms and even better mission statements.”

“The logo should be easy to reproduce and universally recognizable even without colors. For example, the octagon is even recognized as a stop sign from the back without the letters visible.”

“I’m sure that it would not be difficult to create a sense of purpose though an image. Greta’s name or face evokes an immediate sense of purpose. The ER hourglass suggests that time is running out and the logo evokes an image of energized young people, demonstrations, chanting, nonviolent disobedience, traffic disruptions and frustration from all concerned; but no plan and no priorities.”

“Visibility – was this covered elsewhere?”

“I think that visibility is important. When people see you wearing a “uniform”, they know your concerns, your determination and resolve. This visibly aspect cannot be only when you are with friends and likeminded people – it needs to be all the time, as saving the planet is not a part time job at this stage. Showing commitment invites debate and comradery. Meeting people and making friends should be relatively easy.”

“Comradery might come about through shared email server addresses like Joeblow@chosenname.ca . The country codes for all nations could be used as an identifying suffix. There could be humorous ID cards, greetings and whatever the imagination can dream up.”

G Report

Team member G gives report

“My assigned question was as follows — – “I am going to guess here that we will have a lot of categories of problems once we have compiled the list and broken them out into separate and identifiable groups. Will we probably need a new international organization? Estimate how big it would be?”

Team Leader – “If anyone reading this report would like to help please contact me here”



“This crisis is probably far bigger than most environmentalists have imagined and it is certainly much too complex to approach without an overall long-range plan. As mentioned there are about 25 categories of problems.”

“To be effective there should be a single organization with a single global membership and a single web site; there would have to be hundreds, if not thousands, working in the background gathering input and setting priorities. Drafting of petitions would require research and legal expertise plus translation into every language just like the UN. People would have to find contact info for all lawmakers in all 195 nations; that alone would require a lot of research in itself.”

“Breaking it into individual groups responsible for each separate category would be the best idea I think.”

How big it would be is open to speculation but saving the planet, humankind and all life was never a requirement before. The task at hand would need an organization much larger and much more complex than anything that now exists.


F Report

Team member FE gives report

“My assigned question was as follows — – Let’s assume we will start a new global movement to address all of the problems- what would our mission statement be? How would we motivate people to work with us without annoying the hell out of the population with all the demonstrations and unhelpful hollering? I want you to think about a name, a logo and anything else that brings about comradery and a sense of purpose.

Team Leader – “If anyone reading this report would like to help please contact me here



I believe that there should be a different approach for different levels even if the priorities are set through a specialized body of individuals. Let’s assume that we had students who pressured school boards and universities to clean up their act first. They could look at heating, cooling, supplies, transportation, and landscaping, cleaning supplies – whatever.- maybe even banning annoying leaf blowers.”

“We could then have any citizen work with or on a Citizens group to get City Hall into the game. e.g., road salt, community tree planting, clothes lines, housing and feeding of the poor and homeless, board of works practices, plastic election campaign signage etc.”

“There could be similar efforts at Provincial level but the issues would be tougher E.G. power generation, roads, sidewalks (which might be made and maintained like cobblestones that do not get discarded when torn up for work below and could be maintained with a man and a shovel and a wheelbarrow)”

“At the Federal level we have Citizen Assemblies with a much higher responsibility E.G. pipelines, power transmissions, dams, fisheries etc.”

“There could be Citizen Assembles that are given the responsibilities to work with business and corporations to offer ideas on process and materials, transportation etc. These assemblies could come from retired executives and engineers with experience. We could pressure directly for removal of plastic components, excess salt and sugar – anything. It would appear that no one has considered just asking for help from these people. There could be some arm twisting with treats of public boycotts etc. “

“Now all priorities that are set for all levels might come from a priority list put together and maintained by a single universal group so that there would be no shortage of ideas to call upon for any group.”

“The Global level needs a different approach even if everyone is identified with the same overall objectives. I cannot possibly see how a Citizen Assembly would work globally. This is where the Demand/Petition concept could come into play.”

E Report

Team member E gives report

“My assigned question was as follows — – As I understand it there are a million NGOs and activist groups out there. They all have research data bases, agendas, memberships, fund raising and so on. I want you to start contacting them and ask them for their top priorities for saving ourselves.

Team Leader – “If anyone reading this report would like to help please contact civis mundi here

E REPORT .    

“This was a tough assignment. Communicating with NGOs and activist groups is like pulling teeth. They want to send info out but it is all prepared press releases. Although I asked for priorities I never actually received any specifics.”

“There is certainly a lot of work being done to lobby governments, there does not appear to be a lot of collaboration of effort.”

“I sincerely think that these groups have the greatest potential for success of any new global movement but first there has to be an understanding that no one is trying to steal their ideas, their memberships or that their financial support will be threatened. “

“The fact is that any new movement will need some financing and I would suggest that we cultivate the senior community for funds as their contribution to the cause as their chance to put thing right.”

“Activist groups and NGOs can only benefit if we ask members to support something if they are concerned. It is like hiring someone to do something you cannot do yourself.”

“Sorry that I did not get a list of priorities at this stage but perhaps for one. The worldwide elimination of plastic microbeads did come up with a lot of supporters.”

“In my humble opinion we will need to have some organizational structure before we can get meaningful input for these diverse and independent groups.”

“Regarding a couple of rules required to select priorities I suggest:

Does this action benefit the welfare of the planet?

Does this action undo or prevent an injustice against all humankind?”

Team Leader – That is a bit disheartening but I am sure they will eagerly come on side once the objectives are understood. I wrote a paper on tis some time back. It is here

D Report

Team member D gives report

“My assigned question was as follows — Will you make a rough list of identifiable problems in everything from GLOBAL WARMING, PLASTIC, TOXINS, HUMAN RIGHTS and the like? Don’t neglect anything as we will sort out the priorities later on. Just start by making a big long list in no special order. Nothing is too small or controversial to consider.”

Team Leader – “If anyone reading this report would like to help please contact me here



have prepared a list of problems as I randomly found them. It has about 300 social and environmental problems all together. There are many more not on the list. A copy is attached.

I think that it is necessary to address both social and environmental issues together as very often one hinges on another – which I will try to make clear as we go along.

The rough list I have compiled was broken out into 25 categories – this can be refined up or down as we progress. Some may not be as relevant as others but all are important in the grand scheme of things.

  1. CLIMATE CHANGE is the most often sited problem in the media and with the environmentalists, but as this is a symptom of the problem then perhaps MISUSE OF ENERGY or simply ENERGY might be a better heading. Let me list the headings alphabetically. In an effort to be brief, I will not speak to some categories.
  3. DEMOCRACY/VOTING – There are a lot of issues with this category, from Gerrymandering, robo callling, fraud, voting periods, ballot complexity, crazy ID rules and on and on. There are forces that work hard to distort the wishes of the electorate, particularly in countries with first past the post electoral systems.
  4. DRUGS – I put this here as pharmaceuticals end up in all water and elsewhere where they still affect other life forms. Maybe a global commission could look at this.
  5. ENERGY – a primary concern that will not be resolved by driving electric cars alone. We need to stop the waste starting at the well head where they indiscriminately burn off excess gas. We need to curtail the nonsense of tourism space travel before it gets a foot hold; we need to turn down the thermostats and turn off the AC; we need to slow down and reduce engine sizes. We need to make travelers pay for their waste of our primary resource. Realistically we will never stop people from travelling but we can restrict how they do it.
  8. FOOD – a few words of this. There are forces at play that could care less about what is in your food so long as you buy it. These forces are as bad as those of the tobacco industry. They need regulations generated by the people who use the products. More about this is in INFORMATION/EDUCATION
  9. GENETIC ENGINEERING – similar to food argument. They don’t care what happens in the long term as long as there is money made in the short term.
  10. HEALTH – money that should be spent on health of society is squandered on “middlemen” insurance interests. Also health is jeopardized by food interests etc.
  12. INFORMATION & EDUCATION – I think that we need to start to systematically educate people primarily through dedicated TV. There are no shortage of NGOs with experts and prepared documentaries to satisfy every aspect of every issue. All peoples should demand that our representative governments provide this service and pay for it. That is what democracy is supposed to do.
  13. LAND/SOIL DEGRADATION – lot to be done to protect the soil that provides our food. E.g. stop embalming corpse’s and corrupting ground water.
  14. Mining,
  15. Institutions – I put this here as there are a lot of institutions that work against the interests of people from blatant usury to false information
  16. Nuclear Issues,- like depleted uranium usage
  17. People’s Commons/natural resources – simple -stop wasting finite resources.
  18. Plastic Dangers – possibly as big a problem as energy waste. Again we have a situation where manufactures could care less for the continuance of the planet if they can make a profit today. Recycling plastic is a farce perpetuated to make us feel like we have it under control.
  19. Population – the problem that no one wants to talk about. We need a commission to report on this.
  20. Species (or biodiversity),
  21. Toxins – thousands of problems from many sources.
  22. Trade and Labor –
  23. Transportation – we cannot stop mobility and transportation but we can regulate and tax it.
  24. Waste/Recycle – important to extend resources but plastic usage should be curtailed as recycling is a joke.
  25. Water Resources,
  26. Open category,

“At this point I should mention that I have made a spreadsheet that has room for all of these categories. It has room for 25 categories and runs out for 25 years. The space for year one is for the priority that would ultimately be penciled in for attention. There are enough spaces for 625 problems overall.” – “25 times 25 equals 625.”

“I have prepared a list. It has about 300 social and environmental problems all together. A copy is attached at the back. “

Team Leader – “I guess that penciled in would be the right term as it would take some negotiating and consensus to finally ink in a priority. II like the concept of actually seeing a plan on paper so that everyone knows the extent of the crisis we face. As you said it will take more than a switch to electric cars and banning drinking straws – for that matter.”

C Report

“My assigned question was as follows:

“There is a lot of civil disobedience advocated by some groups. There is also a lot of chanting and shouting. Please look into this and report on the effectiveness of such programs. What are the negatives of this approach?”

Team Leader – “If anyone reading the following report would like to help please contact civis mundi here

Team member C gives report


Civil Disobedience has been effective in many instances in the past. As an example, India managed to get the British out by using nonviolent CD. However this was a single issue within a single nation against another single nation. The problem was easily defined as GO HOME AND LET US HAVE OUR COUNTRY BACK. A straight forward problem with one solution! If we looked at our concerns – even if we concluded that Climate Change was the only concern, then we have literally thousands of problems that concern all 196 nations. IE All manufacturing, all transportations, all travel, all fossil fuel extraction, all fossil fuel usage from heating and cooling to national defense etc. etc etc. It is mind boggling. It is not as simple as chanting SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS. Civil Disobedience works best when one issue is presented and addressed one at a time, so that a different issue can be considered in sequence.”

Team Coordinator – “Interesting; demonstrations really don’t seem to have a lot of success and may annoy the people who are inconvenienced and CD works best when addressed a well-defined single problem “


B Report

Team member B gives report

“My assigned question was as follows”:

“See if you can find any groups that have effective ideas and movements. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel here if it is not necessary. It might be the small groups that have the best ideas.”

Team Leader – “”If anyone reading this report would like to help please contact me here




Wikipedia suggests that there are 10,000,000 NGOs and countless activist groups. I think it is safe to say that most are seriously trying to make some changes for making a better world; most are run on donations and efforts of volunteers. Within these groups there are literally millions of concerned members. Collectively these would make quite a large membership in any new “umbrella” type movement – if that is part of the solution. A lot produce films and documentaries but have little global impact as the audience is fragmented and they seldom get on TV.”

Avaaz has a great membership of over 50 million. They use petitions that members sign if they are swayed by the objective of their petition; objectives are generally chosen from “hot button’ issues in the news and there is no long range plan that I can detect. There are other groups who use the same concept and social media is literally full of petitions of every sort – mostly for single nation issues and not relevant to lawmakers of all195 nations. Many nations now allow petitions to be presented formally – including Canada.”

“I think people join Avaaz, and others like it, as it gives instant satisfaction as one is contributing to a noble but not necessarily a global cause. The petitions do have a positive effect at altering a nation’s actions but do not change much in the overall global world.”

“Why? Well drafting a petition to stop trophy lion hunting or to stop stoning of one wayward woman for adultery are just and noble but these are not earth changing issues. Now if we made Demand/Petitions that demanded no trophy hunting worldwide or no “stoning” of anyone under any circumstances then that would be more significant, as the issue would be resolved globally and we could move on to a new priority. Of course all lawmakers in all nations would need to be presented with the petition at the same time to get the best result. BTW I would like to call these Demand Petitions as we need to demand change.”

“I think the petition idea is a good one if we could grow a worldwide movement that addressed only ideas that affect all of us or the entire planet; the concerned people are out there is large numbers if we can just find a way to harness their combined power to pull in a logical and reasoned direction.”

“I should mention Extinction Rebellion– XR – out of the UK. They are growing like wildfire in membership, but I have not seen a plan beyond asking for demonstrations – there are no specific demands on lawmaker s except to make things right.”

“I should also mention Greta Thunberg but she has possibly millions chomping at the bit wanting action; phenomenal energy there”


Team Leader – OK B, To summarize; in a nut shell can we say that Avaaz has a great concept that people flock to as it makes them all warm and fussy because it is effective. We can say that EX has a great recruiting concept but needs some priorities and a plan. Can we say that the petitions (if that is the way to go) could be referred to as Demand Petitions? However you will need a couple of rules to set priorities to make them reasoned demands and not emotional demands.

A Report

Team member A gives report

“My assigned question was as follows — I want you to tell me why we cannot seem to make any headway with social and environmental issues. Look at everything you think is relevant.”

Team Leader – “If anyone reading this report would like to help please contact civis mundi here




“Simply put we are hopelessly fragmented. Our modus operandi is pretty much confined to organized demonstrations where we chant slogans and beg for climate action, but never any specifics or priorities. There is no overall plan whatsoever, particularly when it comes to coordinating the efforts of lawmakers in 195 plus nations.”

“I looked at the role of individual politicians and political party ideology; I looked at business and corporate objectives. As for corporations and business interest they will do most anything to make a product and profit. If there is a cheaper way to do it they will do it regardless of the consequences. I looked at the UN, scientist’s efforts, climate summits etc. None of these can possibly cope with the magnitude of the problems facing all life, including both that of mankind – and the planet.”

“If I were a politician, I would be hard pressed as to know where to start. I am not an expert and neither are most of the politicians. What is needed is a well-considered spreadsheet where priorities are set out for at least a year; no lawmaker is capable of doing a thousand things at one time. I have attached a draft spreadsheet at the back of the report for your consideration.”

Team Leader to team, “I will not ask many questions until all reports are presented. Then we will try to condense everything into a few statements – OK?”