Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering – a 25 year plan

“Millions of ordinary people are very worried about genetically modified foods and I am one of them….With genetically modified foods I believe we  have reached the thin edge of the wedge, we are messing with the building  blocks of life and it’s scary.”  Malcom Walker,

Trying to stop the spread of GE will create tremendous opposition but we must prevail. Matt Foster – Civis Mundi (use this after your name to show you want action)

Preamble Considerations

Labeling of product, unnatural vs natural, promotion of herbicide use, irreversible consequences, removes seeds from commons, unforeseen consequences, presides use with as added hazards, may create super weeds, nutrition claims, allergenic realities, toxicity, who pays cost of problems created, weak regulations, right to know what one is eating, violate dietary and religious restrictions, organic industry threat to, accidental contamination of neighboring fields, threat to human and animal genome,,


Issues that could be prioritized into a 25 year plan.

  • Introduce mandatory “right to know’ labelling legislation
  • Stop the licensing of GE grain
  • Stop the licensing of GE maize
  • Stop the licensing of GE fish
  • Stop the licensing of GE vegetables
  • Stop the licensing of GE Flowers

The first global petition might look something like this:

Directed To: The governments of all 190 (plus) countries of earth. 

“As concerned citizens of this planet, we urge you, our political representatives, to immediately create legislation that will require that any and all distributors to label any product containing Genetically Engineered material and to ban the importation of any such product regardless of its source of origin. Clear and effective action is needed immediately to protect society, for which you are responsible” – Of course the first item for consideration need not be as shown. It is however important that we get a start.

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