Taliban/Cancervative Ideology


There was an article in the paper today about the Taliban. As I read it I came to the conclusion that their radical ideology is pretty much the same as that of our Conservative Party – or as I call the “Cancer”vative Party for obvious reasons. (It seeks to destroy every structure of our society even if it dies itself in the process)

The Taliban is anti-Christian and anti-Jewish but the Big Cs are increasingly Islamophobia and more than willing to advertise the fact. One should remember that atrocities in Germany started by the promoting of hatred for the way some German citizens dressed in public places.

So what else is comparable? In point form I offer the following; with a few at the end that are exclusively Big C ideology:

Objective of gaining and retaining power at all costs



Pro-religious dogma

Anti-women rights


Blatant Homophobia

Anti-family planning


Pro-disenfranchising voters



Anti-public broadcasting

Divisive politics



There is a book out called Global Chorus (365 Voices on the future of the planet) The contributors include Jane Goodall, David Suzuki, Archbishop Tutu, Stephen Harkins, the Dalai Lama and Matthew Foster. (That last one is me) There is also a web site where you can see the full list of contributors and the instructions for contributors. Just search for Global Chorus if you want more info.

When I first heard of this idea, I thought ‘now here is an important work – perhaps the most important work of our time. If only we can take the collective ideas and move them into some sort of long range plan we might actually make some concrete inroads on social and environmental issues.’

One by one, I have been slowly going through the articles and trying to reduce each contribution into its basic message. There is a contribution for each day of the year – So far I have read through to the end of March. Here are my condensations

  • There is an urgency that we do something.
  • We need to get people involved.
  • We have the knowledge.
  • The barrier to success is political and economic.
  • We need to correct the failings in our democracy.
  • We need to educate politicians.
  • We need to get by on less.
  • We all share in the problem.
  • We have the technology to get organized.
  • We need to work together.
  • There is futility in working alone.
  • We need to reduce our expectations.
  • Education of people is the key.
  • We need to admit to ourselves that there is a problem.
  • Big business is the problem.
  • Fossil Fuel is the problem.
  • We need to work locally.
  • We have to create global citizens.
  • We need to create political will.
  • We need to stand together. 

My contribution is placed at Oct 25th and reads as follows

The people and planet have many dire problems. We must accept that there is only one key with which to effectively tackle these problems. We have given the scientists, corporations, politicians, and the UN, the opportunity at resolving the global social/ecological crisis; now it is the people’s turn to step directly into the process in a more effective way.
From the Rio Earth Summit/1992, until now, we’ve seen little meaningful progress. We must ultimately react more quickly and resolutely.
We know the issues; we have unlimited knowledge accumulated within several million NGO data bases; we have the means and knowhow to communicate globally; we know the power of social media.
We are fragmented and all trying to be heard in our various political systems which are unfortunately highly influenced by powerful international market forces and are unreceptive to our concerns. It is indeed a bad situation in which the whole world shares, but it is not hopeless. Collectively we can propose and significantly influence meaningful changes if we can simply get organized into a cohesive, worldwide movement and —
• Develop a social media site dedicated solely to social/environmental issues.
• Incorporate multi-language capabilities to communicate with the world.
• Categorize all social/ecological issues into manageable groups (26 Max)
• Prioritize the issues in each category through debate and consensus and put them into a 20/25 year plan.
• Use the new site, and/or allied sites, to put the issues to the world`s people for approval in a logical format with a consistent approach. (I.e. One issue in each category every two weeks equals the addressing of 26 separate issues per year)
• Forward the duly considered petition, with the names of the signatories, concurrently to the legislatures of all nations, as this is a crucial worldwide emergency that affects everything.
• Require every category unreservedly to have equal weight and equal opportunity to put its particular issues to the public for debate and consideration each year in its turn.
• Accept that time is our unforgiving enemy.

If I can condense my contribution into a few words it would be – “A long range plan to address all 26 categories of problems”

All proceeds from the book go to charity.


Information and Knowledge

Right to “unbiased” information and knowledge

“He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.” Thomas Jefferson

All of the solutions to all of our problems hinges on this one category. Knowledge is indeed power and there is an element of society that fears our gaining knowledge and correcting the flaws in information distribution and democracy.  Matt Foster – Civis Mundi Sum

Preamble Considerations

Public funded radio and TV, freedom of speech, right to full disclosure, artificial news, exposing “False Flag” operations, academic freedom, unattainable higher education, concentration of media in too few hands, net neutrality, Media oligopoly, freedom of the press and editorial independence, limit news diversity and reduce news quality, access to research, freedom from propaganda and dogma, the print-media, broadcasting & film industries, adequate coverage of the 26 relevant issues as identified on this site and others, education vs entertainment, appropriate funding, accountability and transparency,analyze and scrutinize the policy and politics of a nation, demonizing of by special interests, vehicle for public debate and opinion, freedom from foreign influence,

Issues that could be prioritized into a 25 year plan (would you like to take on this category?)

  • Introduce ?
  • Stop ?
  • Stop ?
  • Stop ?
  • Stop ?
  • Stop ?

 The first global petition might look something like this:

Directed To: The governments of all 190 (plus) countries of earth.

“As concerned citizens of this planet, we urge you, our political representatives, to set up an independent body to administer public broadcasting and to ensure that such government has no direct control of policy, salaries or working conditions ” – Of course the first item for consideration need not be as shown. It is however important that we get a start.

Video links by others (What are you suggestions?)

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Groups reporting on this category (what are your suggestions?)

Wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concentration_of_media_ownership

Friends of CBC http://www.friends.ca/

Leadnow http://www.leadnow.ca/


It would help if you supported some of these groups