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It does not matter where you live, or what language you speak — the alarming decline of social, economic, political, and environmental systems everywhere are the concerns of all humanity. In every country, the people need to get involved in the resolution of this extreme worldwide challenge.

Purpose Of This Website & Its Objectives

  1. To find a way of getting about 2 percent of all our citizens involved in the political game — regardless of how offensive and distasteful that arena has become.
  2. To encourage the convening and financing of an emergency conference of academics, free thinkers and concerned citizens with the task of finding a way of achieving this.

Sub objectives

  1. To convince people that we are running out of time — and that various democratic systems are already in place waiting for our participation and input.
  2. To convince people that we are the last generation that can have a positive impact on the future — and that democracy (such as it may be) is the only effective tool we have to achieve that goal.
  3. To convince the people to do something — and that the political system is the one tool that is already available in every community.
  4. To ask people to recruit friends and acquaintances to this cause — to assist in correcting the inadequacies in our political systems and representative democracy itself.

Sub-sub objectives

  1. To show people that the legacy of the British colonial electoral system does not produce “representative” democracy and needs to be replaced wherever it continues to exist on the planet.
  2. To tell people that we do not really have freedom of speech when it is owned and controlled by a few people and corporations and that this situation needs to be corrected.

I'm told that it is not advisable to use quotes unless you know your audience – however – individuals seem to look for any reason to initially reject the obvious — so if you don't like the quote or the author of the quote, or the country of origin of the quote then you have your reason to reject the objectives of this site.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica addresses two issues with this entry — the British electoral system and Representative Democracy:

The case for Proportional Representation is fundamentally the same as that for representative democracy. Only if an assembly represents the full diversity of opinion within a nation can its decisions be regarded as the decisions of the nation itself.

This is one of many American quotes that state much the same thing.

Legislatures should be an exact portrait, in miniature, of the people at large, as it should think, feel, reason, and act like them.

John Adams