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Explaining the Concept

 ↑  What are the objectives of Civis Mundi?


As less than 2% of any population controls most all political parties combined, then we need our own organized and active 2% to regain order and democracy. We should look at this as the “2% - Civis Mundi - solution” to our world-wide dilemma.

There are three basic objectives.

  1. To get as many people as possible to see themselves as a part of a greater worldwide community of world citizens and to sign on. If you are concerned you qualify.
  2. Of those who enter the world wide community of Civis Mundi I would like to see as many as possible supporting any organization that is trying to do something on their behalf. (Considerate it as hiring an expert to do a job for yourself when you have neither the time nor the knowledge to do it yourself)
  3. Of those who enter the world wide community of Civis Mundi, I would like to see at least ½ of them join a political party of their own choosing. I fully realize that many people are opposed to joining a political party but when they see the significance of doing so, they can perhaps hold their collective noses and become involved - so that others who follow will not have to hold their collective noses.

 ↑  Explaining the concept of Civis Mundi (world citizen)


The next few sentences will pretty much include everything that is important to this world citizen project. Each topic has a relationship to another and all are important. Understanding all of them to some degree will make you an effective world citizen.

 ↑  How do I to move from concerned citizen to effective action?

If you are not passionate about mankind and the planet, you are in the wrong place here.

 ↑  Why Civis Mundi as a name and not world citizen?

The words Civis Mundi are taken from a dead language for a reason.

 ↑  What does Civis Mundi offer?

 ↑  What are the guidelines?

 ↑  What is Civis Mundi not?

 ↑  What are the rules?

Every fraternity has some rules of membership but here you make the rules. There will be a few suggestions and guidelines - but you judge your own worthiness and course of action - no other person or group of persons with their perception of acceptability judges you. Here the personal freedom to declare yourself to be “Civis Mundi” is paramount. So the two rules are —

 ↑  How do I become a "Civis Mundi" world citizen?

To be a world citizen you simply need to declare that you are one but to be helpful you need to do something that is effective.

 ↑  How do I become an effective "Civis Mundi" world citizen?

 ↑  What if I don't like a suggested course of action?

 ↑  Are there other Civis Mundi sites in other languages?

Someday it would be great to have this site translated so that all peoples could be engaged. This site is linked to Google Translations so that everyone can get an idea of the project but there will undoubtedly be numerous translation errors. If you would like to translate it into your language contact us for instructions.