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Within my community, with a total population of 120,000, there are possibly 1200 people who are actively engaged in the political arena. Of this small number, (One percent) a large majority of them are new citizens who understand the value of participation in local politics.

Most people participate in politics for purely selfish reasons

There are others who participate for altruistic reasons and some simply because of family tradition; still others are obliged to join because of pressure from the head of the family. Whether the motivation is family pressure, personal gain or humane motives, we must understand that the number who participates is small and that the power of this small number of people can be significant. We must further understand that we Civis Mundi, working independently or together, can be a significant part of this Representative Democracy process. This key commitment takes a minimum financial outlay and a minimum use of our time.

Let us optimistically suggest that we could motivate 2 percent of the population of every political constituency riding in our country to become Civis Mundi. (This seems like a modest goal and probably achievable, so let us work toward this modest objective)

Of this 2 % who become registered Civis Mundi, all are actively supporting and promoting the concept of Civis Mundi with the goal of increasing participation worldwide.

Of the total, the majority would hopefully support a favorite NGO(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-governmental_organization) (Non Governmental Organization) dedicated to human rights or environmental concerns. (No suggestions are made or implied here or elsewhere)

Of the grand total that becomes Civis Mundi we must have a minimum number to counter the influence of the people already engaged in the political arena. With a little effort by active Civis Mundi we could easily exceed the complete total now engaged in politics. A Civis Mundi can join any political party where they want to promote their ideology. Conceivably there would be enough Civis Mundi in every political riding to influence nominations and policy - and we all know that every party needs excellent candidates.

NOTE: There may not be a political party that matches your ideology as labor concerns and compassion for others has been systematically, and progressively, eliminated from most of parties to some degree. World Citizens working together can hopefully bring back some citizen-generated direction, compassion, and leadership qualities that are needed in every political party ideology.


So! We have three basic levels of participation where each and every World Citizen should be able to find a level of participation where they are comfortable.

  1. First or Introductory Level
  2. Second or Support Level
  3. Third or Active Level


FIRST LEVEL: (not a complete list)

Introductory Level

SECOND LEVEL: (not a complete list)

Support Level

THIRD LEVEL: (not a complete list)

Active Level