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Promotional Ideas


This idea is not being pursued at this early stage of development of the web site.

I have a signature box on my email that says:

– –
Matthew Foster - Civis Mundi
Civis Mundi icon After thousands of generations of humankind –
we are the last generation that can engineer a solution to today's environmental crisis.
civismundi (@)civismundi.net   http://www.civismundi.net/

This is my way of sending a personal message with every email that I send. You can do the same thing, even if the @civismundi.net idea never materializes.

(My address is part of my web site package which is limited to 12 email addresses only)

If this idea is possible then each Civis Mundi registrant would have the opportunity to have an email address.


Is there a chance that a simple bumper sticker could become a means of promoting a universal message?

OK - so most people don't want to have a sticker on their vehicle but maybe because of our dire humanitarian and environmental concerns, they might. So let's plan on it being a reasonably suitable idea. The ones below certainly have more character than some I have seen.


Samples without using all languages.

Bumper Stickers in different languages


Here is a small window decal, (like auto clubs use) for your front door, or rear car window.

(It will tell the cops that you are a good guy or gal and that you never speed)

This can be printed at home on your printer. It could then be taped to your window to show that concerned World Citizens live there

Car window decal


Some people carry a simple personal (similar to a business card) card with their name, phone number, email address etc.

Business Card


Rather than traveling around the world with your nationalistic flag on your backpack, cap or sleeve, you could show that you are a part of the world community with a real genuine Civis Mundi patch.

It implies something like - "Hey I'm trying my best to make a difference"

When someone hollers "Hey - Are you Civis Mundi?" you can courteously acknowledge the greeting with the hearty response - "Civis Mundi sum" (I am a world citizen - in Latin of course)

Remember we all speak the same few words to represent our mutual concerns.

Note: This greeting will be the new pick-up line for you young people to replace "Hey! What's your (astrological) sign?"

Back Pack with World symbol Back Pack with Civis Mundi symbol


Civis Mundi Award

The ribbon represents four elements Earth/Air/Water/Fire. Made with silk or hemp perhaps.

Terracotta Medallion (maybe glazed, maybe not)


It might be an idea to think about a Civis Mundi Award for those who do outstanding work for humanity and the environment. There would be no monetary award only a symbolic one.


It might be an idea to make reference to the five elements that are often mentioned with various historical philosophies. Each country may have a slightly different idea of what the five elements are, but it is always suggestive that everything of this earth contains five building blocks.

There are alternate versions of five elements but I like these five the best of all.

Yes! You and me! — Sorry but it is not the lovely and talented Serbian actress Milla Jovovich <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milla_Jovovich> from the movie version of The Fifth Element <http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119116/> saving the world along with Bruce Willis <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Willis>.

It is you and me and you, you and you as this time it is reality - not science fiction.


You write that when the time comes.



(With design and copy criteria)

There is a symbol or mark that ties us together and makes us identifiable at a glance.

It is so simple that it can be duplicated by anyone with a pencil or maybe with an index finger in the beach sand. (in some far-off land with a member of the opposite sex at your side - Oh sorry - I digress)

So we have —

Hand drawn Civis Mundi symbol

Just as mankind has a predominantly darker and an enlightened side to his/her nature, there is also a little darkness in the enlightened and a little lightness in the darkness. Both these opposing forces coexist and are interconnected in our real world. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yin_and_yang for a more complete interpretation.

Yin and Yang symbol

To elaborate a bit

This is a rendering of the symbol with a terracotta (earthy) color, with white in the outlines.

If you are going to use this idea, please do not alter it in any way. The size may be as large as you like but only as small as to be distinguishable.

Copyright © 2009 by Matthew R. Foster
Civis Mundi symbol


Using the premise that the symbol is one X wide by one Y high - and X is equal to Y.

Here is the original with 4 - 50% reductions from the original to check clarity.

Civis Mundi logo Civis Mundi logo Civis Mundi logo Civis Mundi logo Civis Mundi logo


(As one person put it - lets hitch-hike of the Ancient Order of Turtles idea - a chance to poke fun at ourselves - a little bit of fun in a serious matter)


Card One:

The card indicates that this person ___________________________is a member in good standing of the worldwide borderless fraternity of CIVIS MUNDI.

The bearer is pursuing justice for mankind and for the planet. We therefore ask that you offer the bearer safe passage while under your jurisdiction as his/her mission is honorable and righteous in his/her mind even though we have no idea what it is. There is a chance that the bearer doesn't either.

Card: Two

This card entitles the bearer to nothing much when presented to officials.

The "presentee" may laugh, hug, kiss, salute, insult, admonish or kick the presenter where it hurts.

Caution is advised.

(It has a handy hole in one corner so you can keep it on a shoelace around your neck with your latch key.)

Card: Three

This fine card will entitles the bearer to entry and safe passage when accompanied with a valid passport, valid health and vaccination card, entry permit, visa, business documentation, picture ID, proof of finances, a letter from Mom, and other required documentation.

Don't leave home without it.

Card: Four:

This card indicates that the bearer of this card is a member in good standing because he/she said they were. The bearer thinks he/she has a mission or concern which is just and honorable but for which we cannot be responsible. We therefore ask that you offer safe passage while in your jurisdiction. The bearer needs all the help he/she can get.

Rough Idea of Civis Mundi membership card (in other languages later)

Membership Card, vertical, logo top Membership Card, horizontal, text Membership Card, logo bottom Membership Card, horizontal

The bearer of this card is probably a member of Civis Mundi.
Civis Mundi is a non profit public interest organization that encourages members and others to participate in protecting and restoring the planet's delicate environment for future generations. It further encourages members and others to see mankind as a single family and to protect and expand all mankind's human rights.
The bearer is an independent thinker and is responsible for his/her independent action for which Civis Mundi bears no responsibility.