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Biography: Matthew R. Foster

Matt Foster

My name is Matthew R. Foster. (I like to add Civis Mundi after my name and hope you will as well)

As no political party represents all of my ideals, I have promoted ideas in all four of the major political parties in Canada. The NDP (New Democratic Party) was investigating a change to our voting system — I made a presentation along with many others. The Greens needed a way to have their ideas presented and evaluated — I helped start the local Green party riding. The Progressive conservatives were swinging too far right in my opinion so I promoted a leadership candidate with a leftist agenda. (We didn't win and they ended up kicking all of the Progressive minded people out of the party) The Liberals were also moving too far right so we promoted a truly liberal candidate in their party. (We did win but “special interests” destroyed his credibility and name and replaced him with one of their own) I mention this only to show that I saw that there are relatively few people actually involved in politics. I also saw how much a single individual, working in concert with others, can affect the outcome in the political party arena.

I have been retired for many years and never wrote anything before. Much to my dismay our local newspaper agreed to publish an environmental article which I wrote shortly after I retired. The editor was a pretty open minded fellow and this led to a position on the Editorial board of the local paper. I wrote a regular environmental column for several years.

Through my web site “World Citizen” and later “Civis Mundi” (World Citizen in Latin) I continued to offer articles on the environment, election systems, democracy, human rights, etc. After many years of trying to expose the damage we inflict on the planet and onto one another, I decided that what citizens needed was a course of direction and not just more and more information.

My web site “Civis Mundi” was completely dismantled — all of my articles and previous ideas were discarded in favor of this new idea — a course of action.

The course of action I suggest is quite simple. Regular citizens — like you and me — need to join the established political party members and get involved in our Representative Democracies just like Plato, Aristotle and others, suggested a few years ago.

Who is looking after your interests in your political party constituency? How about the car dealer looking to sell cars to the police? How about the architect looking to obtain a contract in town planning or the lawyer looking for an appointment? How about the contractor who wants the new city hall contact? How about the thousands of new immigrants that are active party members and have their personal interests ahead of yours? These aforementioned party members make up about ⅓ to ½ of one percent of the population in any one political party and they (This small number of citizens) dictate who your representative will be in your representative democracy. This is profound!

The Civis Mundi idea is simple, but we must do something while we still have a semblance of democracy and freedom left. Noam Chomsky is a man I greatly admire. He said In this possibly terminal phase of human existence, democracy and freedom are more than just ideals to be valued — they may be essential to survival. He is absolutely correct — if we want the planet to survive then we need to use our remaining democracy and freedom within our countries to correct these injustices to humanity and to the planet.


(I like to call this the 2% — civis mundi — solution. It can be an extremely potent and powerful remedy.)

That is all you need to know about this old guy who took 20 years to formulate this idea.


Matthew R. Foster — Civis mundi sum

PS Civisne mundi es? (Are you a world citizen?)