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All information within this site is copyright by Matthew R. Foster (Civis Mundi) and civismundi.net. The material is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Canada license. You may modify and build upon this material, even for commercial reasons, as long as you credit Matthew R. Foster and Civis Mundi, and you license your new creations under the identical terms.

The ideas and comments within this site are the work of the founder Matthew Foster. They are put here to encourage people everywhere to get engaged in Democracy, Human Rights and Environmental concerns. They are further put forward here to solicit other ideas and to fine tune the concepts therefore the contents of any part of this site will undoubtedly change over time. .

civismundi.net contains links to other websites. Though effort is made to provide viable links for educational and information purposes, Civis Mundi does not guarantee all links to other web sites are currently active. Civis Mundi is not responsible for any content of any other web site whether linked to or from civismundi.net or other domain that may or may not be owned or associated with civismundi.net

Civis Mundi provides a free registry for individuals who share the concerns expressed on the web site. The founder of Civis Mundi, or anyone who may control and administer this web site in the future, may not share the concerns of any individual who registers or calls himself/herself world citizen or Civis Mundi or any translation thereof, or uses the expressions Civis Mundi Sum or Egro Civis Mundi Sum in any manner whatsoever.

The Civis Mundi mark or symbol is freely given to anyone who wishes to expand the fraternity of Civis Mundi but civismundi.net cannot be responsible for how any individual wishes to display such mark or symbol or on how any individual interprets the intents of civismundi.net through seeing the symbol of civismundi.net however displayed.

The Civis Mundi cornerstone award (only an idea at the moment) has limited monetary value. It is given as a token of our mutual appreciation for work done on behalf of mankind and on behalf of the planet earth. If there is a disagreement among individuals as to the worthiness of the recipient to receive and or to accept such award then every effort to make a consensus will be made. If necessary the final decision will be made by the founder of Civis Mundi or other means deemed to be acceptable. If an individual does not wish to receive such award then no enticement of any kind shall be offered or implied.

There shall be no awards of a negative nature given by Civis Mundi even though many individuals knowingly or unconsciously work against the welfare of mankind and of the planet earth. No Civis Mundi is encouraged to participate in any negative awards program even if it is agreeable to others working in concert or separately and using the name Civis Mundi in any manner.

civismundi.net is not affiliated with, or supported in anyway, by any other individual or organization using the same registered name Civis Mundi, world citizen or any other organization or individual.

The registering of ones name or nickname with civismundi.net in no way implies that civismundi.net is responsible for any action undertaken by such registrant as Civis Mundi registrants are independent individuals working on behalf of mankind and the planet earth in any one of the world's individual countries each with its own laws and regulations of which civismundi.net cannot be aware. Each individual must check to be sure he/she is not violating any law within their own area of activity.

Civis Mundi has a multi tiered level of participation. Each individual judges their own participation level and no one at civismundi.net will suggest an appropriate activity level as such action is strictly within the responsibility and purview of such registrant individual.

The Civis Mundi registry is provided to show that there are other citizens who are deeply concerned with the welfare of humanity and of the planet earth and that each registrant is not singular in his/her concerns.

By registering with civismundi.net every individual agrees that civismundi.net is not liable for any personal injury, death, theft or other incidents that may occur in any action or mission undertaken by the registrant for any reason what so ever.

Due to manpower restraints and the anticipation of large number registering their desire to participate no one registering may have their registration information removed or altered in any way.

No one may back date their registration.

Each registrant name or nickname will be placed next to a number. This number will be used only once and is meant to provide the registrant with a unique tie to all civismundi.net. registrants. It serves no other purpose than to show his/her place in the registry and the order in which they registered.

Registrants are asked to avoid any illegal or improper conduct or remarks that may hinder or slander the work or other Civis Mundi or of civismundi.net.

The colors suggested to be used with the Civis Mundi symbol, the award medallion and ribbon are all natural colors and are not associated with national symbols, flags or political affiliations. The colors represent fired terra cotta, earth, fire, water, and air/sky and nothing else.

Translations to this site are accepted in good faith as being accurate. civismundi.net cannot accept responsibility for the errors of others whether by automated translator whether deliberate or by honest error.