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Would we say that a fever is a symptom of an illness or the cause of an illness? We must look at climate change the same way. We need to look to the underlying causes of the ailment. In our case, the patient is the planet, and the condition is grave.

To be successful in any treatment, we must diagnose each symptom step by step to find the ultimate root cause.

CO2 may be one of the causes but the root (or perceived root) of the problem may be that oil and automotive corporations have gained control of our elected politicians and democracy itself. If one digs deeper, the ultimate root of this might be that the people are kept uninformed and in the dark; it might be a plurality electoral system that distorts the will of the people; It might be that a large part of the voters have been systematically disenfranchised; it might be all of these and more.

We need to see the whole world as one community and society. We need to unite in our efforts to find the problems, categorize the problems, prioritize the issues within the categories and then systematically address the problems within a long range plan (perhaps a 25 year plan). We must unite in this effort. Only with the united and worldwide will of the people forcing their representatives to do their job will we relieve some of the symptoms; we may even find a cure.

Matt Foster – Civis mundi sum

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