E Report

Team member E gives report

“My assigned question was as follows — – As I understand it there are a million NGOs and activist groups out there. They all have research data bases, agendas, memberships, fund raising and so on. I want you to start contacting them and ask them for their top priorities for saving ourselves.

Team Leader – “If anyone reading this report would like to help please contact civis mundi here

E REPORT .    

“This was a tough assignment. Communicating with NGOs and activist groups is like pulling teeth. They want to send info out but it is all prepared press releases. Although I asked for priorities I never actually received any specifics.”

“There is certainly a lot of work being done to lobby governments, there does not appear to be a lot of collaboration of effort.”

“I sincerely think that these groups have the greatest potential for success of any new global movement but first there has to be an understanding that no one is trying to steal their ideas, their memberships or that their financial support will be threatened. “

“The fact is that any new movement will need some financing and I would suggest that we cultivate the senior community for funds as their contribution to the cause as their chance to put thing right.”

“Activist groups and NGOs can only benefit if we ask members to support something if they are concerned. It is like hiring someone to do something you cannot do yourself.”

“Sorry that I did not get a list of priorities at this stage but perhaps for one. The worldwide elimination of plastic microbeads did come up with a lot of supporters.”

“In my humble opinion we will need to have some organizational structure before we can get meaningful input for these diverse and independent groups.”

“Regarding a couple of rules required to select priorities I suggest:

Does this action benefit the welfare of the planet?

Does this action undo or prevent an injustice against all humankind?”

Team Leader – That is a bit disheartening but I am sure they will eagerly come on side once the objectives are understood. I wrote a paper on tis some time back. It is here

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