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Team member FE gives report

“My assigned question was as follows — – Let’s assume we will start a new global movement to address all of the problems- what would our mission statement be? How would we motivate people to work with us without annoying the hell out of the population with all the demonstrations and unhelpful hollering? I want you to think about a name, a logo and anything else that brings about comradery and a sense of purpose.

Team Leader – “If anyone reading this report would like to help please contact me here



I believe that there should be a different approach for different levels even if the priorities are set through a specialized body of individuals. Let’s assume that we had students who pressured school boards and universities to clean up their act first. They could look at heating, cooling, supplies, transportation, and landscaping, cleaning supplies – whatever.- maybe even banning annoying leaf blowers.”

“We could then have any citizen work with or on a Citizens group to get City Hall into the game. e.g., road salt, community tree planting, clothes lines, housing and feeding of the poor and homeless, board of works practices, plastic election campaign signage etc.”

“There could be similar efforts at Provincial level but the issues would be tougher E.G. power generation, roads, sidewalks (which might be made and maintained like cobblestones that do not get discarded when torn up for work below and could be maintained with a man and a shovel and a wheelbarrow)”

“At the Federal level we have Citizen Assemblies with a much higher responsibility E.G. pipelines, power transmissions, dams, fisheries etc.”

“There could be Citizen Assembles that are given the responsibilities to work with business and corporations to offer ideas on process and materials, transportation etc. These assemblies could come from retired executives and engineers with experience. We could pressure directly for removal of plastic components, excess salt and sugar – anything. It would appear that no one has considered just asking for help from these people. There could be some arm twisting with treats of public boycotts etc. “

“Now all priorities that are set for all levels might come from a priority list put together and maintained by a single universal group so that there would be no shortage of ideas to call upon for any group.”

“The Global level needs a different approach even if everyone is identified with the same overall objectives. I cannot possibly see how a Citizen Assembly would work globally. This is where the Demand/Petition concept could come into play.”

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