G Report

Team member G gives report

“My assigned question was as follows — – “I am going to guess here that we will have a lot of categories of problems once we have compiled the list and broken them out into separate and identifiable groups. Will we probably need a new international organization? Estimate how big it would be?”

Team Leader – “If anyone reading this report would like to help please contact me here”



“This crisis is probably far bigger than most environmentalists have imagined and it is certainly much too complex to approach without an overall long-range plan. As mentioned there are about 25 categories of problems.”

“To be effective there should be a single organization with a single global membership and a single web site; there would have to be hundreds, if not thousands, working in the background gathering input and setting priorities. Drafting of petitions would require research and legal expertise plus translation into every language just like the UN. People would have to find contact info for all lawmakers in all 195 nations; that alone would require a lot of research in itself.”

“Breaking it into individual groups responsible for each separate category would be the best idea I think.”

How big it would be is open to speculation but saving the planet, humankind and all life was never a requirement before. The task at hand would need an organization much larger and much more complex than anything that now exists.


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