H Report

Team member H gives report

“My assigned question was as follows — Let’s assume we will start a new global movement to address all of the problems- what would our mission statement be? How would we motivate people to work with us without annoying the hell out of the population with all the demonstrations and unhelpful hollering? I want you to think about a name, a logo and anything else that brings about comradery and a sense of purpose.”

Team Leader – “If anyone reading this report would like to help please contact civis mundi here



Let me start with a name for a new movement; it probably should not be an English word as this sometimes creates animosity. I thought that world citizen would work as it indicates both problems – i.e. people and planet. Latin should work as this is Civis Mundi and can be translated into all languages for individual nations and probably into all dialects. The Latin words Terra Cotta also translates as Burnt Earth which might be appropriate; maybe as a color banner or whatever.”

“Another idea I considered was just using a STOP sign as both a name and logo. As all nations have stop signs it is already translated. It could perhaps have an upraised had rather than the word stop. If we used the STOP sign there are a number of ways of using the letters to create the mission statement such as SAVE THIS OUR PLANET or SUPPORT THIS ONE PLAN or SOCIETY THRIVES ON PARTICIPATION. I’m sure others can come up with better acronyms and even better mission statements.”

“The logo should be easy to reproduce and universally recognizable even without colors. For example, the octagon is even recognized as a stop sign from the back without the letters visible.”

“I’m sure that it would not be difficult to create a sense of purpose though an image. Greta’s name or face evokes an immediate sense of purpose. The ER hourglass suggests that time is running out and the logo evokes an image of energized young people, demonstrations, chanting, nonviolent disobedience, traffic disruptions and frustration from all concerned; but no plan and no priorities.”

“Visibility – was this covered elsewhere?”

“I think that visibility is important. When people see you wearing a “uniform”, they know your concerns, your determination and resolve. This visibly aspect cannot be only when you are with friends and likeminded people – it needs to be all the time, as saving the planet is not a part time job at this stage. Showing commitment invites debate and comradery. Meeting people and making friends should be relatively easy.”

“Comradery might come about through shared email server addresses like Joeblow@chosenname.ca . The country codes for all nations could be used as an identifying suffix. There could be humorous ID cards, greetings and whatever the imagination can dream up.”

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