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Team member “I” gives report

“My assigned question was as follows — “Would you look into religion’s role in democracy and politics? I think that there are wolves in the flock that are up to misguided mischief. We need to know if this will hamper our efforts.”

Team Leader – “If anyone reading this report would like to help please contact civis mundi here

I REPORT .     

When you asked me to evaluate any problems that we might encounter from religion I was dubious that I would find any; however I now believe there are major concerns that need to be exposed for what they are.

It would appear that Christianity moved from being a compassionate leftish religion to one fraught with right winged dogma and ambitions. Some now call it Prosperity Christianity.

This shift from left to right came about because of the issues of abortion, homosexuality, gay marriage, Darwin, science plus other controversies. The Evangelicals made a deal with the right and are now pretty much a Theocracy political party.in both Canada and the USA; because it is taboo to talk about religion anywhere, including the media, this fact goes pretty much ignored – to our ultimate peril, I am afraid.

Other nations have to run all laws reviewed by religious leaders so it is not just a problem with the west.

I’m not sure how we can overcome this obstacle at this stage but forewarned is forearmed.

Team Leader- ’Well, thanks team for keeping the reports brief. Let’s hash things over so that I can make a condensed report to the boss.’

The subsequent report is at the opening of this paper,

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