Hi Everyone,

If you are reading this message it is because I have been attempting to contact some people that I follow or who were kind enough to follow me on Twitter.

My idea for a universal identification came about as follows.


I attended a FRIDAYS FOR CLIMATE demonstration here in my city of Cambridge Ontario Canada. There were perhaps 50 in attendance one Friday and only myself the next Friday.

I thought that this action was a bit futile because the lawmakers inside the hall could not save our planet no matter how much we chanted slogans.

I thought that it would be much better if we had a priority that we wanted resolved.

I next decided to form a group called SENIORS FOR CLIMATE on Meetup. I thought that we might act like a CITIZENS ASSEMBLY and ask the mayor and Councilors to stop the use of plastic campaign signs in the next election as our first priority.

Next I thought that perhaps I could make up some patches and pins with the words CITIZEN FOR CLIMATE to look like Greta’s homemade sign in black and white. I ordered 1000 of each but they will not be here until Feb. The cost is less than $1.00 each. I am prepared to buy more if the idea catches on.

From an idea from a young woman in France I am now considering making Stainless Steel military style dog tags, bracelets/necklaces and key chains.

Asking people to wear something that identifies them as concerned will do little if they do not make a commitment to do something significant. I suggest that we might ask them to refrain from air travel for a period of time. (This may be a problem so I ask for your thoughts.)

Here are the mock ups of my idea.

Thanks for visiting and please comment.

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