Message to Extinction Rebellion

I would like to offer some suggestions on how we should be working as individuals and groups; how we should be prepared to work at every level of society, from schoolboards, city councillor, Provincial legislatures, Federal lawmakers, and internationally; I will suggest how to use NGOs and activist groups to contribute to the success of our goals.

First as individuals we need to be prepared to show the world that we are concerned and are working together in all 193 nations. We need to visually display to all that we have one mission even if our particular objectives many be different.

To do this we need to adopt a symbol that we are prepared to display openly on our person so that all will know our objective. We need to do it all the time and not just on rally days.

I have chosen to wear the XR hourglass symbol on my hat. As I could find no source for the symbol I made my own with old campaign buttons (of which I had quite a few.)

I made several with the hourglass, one with Greta’s  HOW DARE YOU and one that simply says “SENIOR CITIZEN FOR CLIMATE’ for those who do not recognize the XR group and wonder what the heck I am doing.

As an individual I will display my XR buttons everywhere I go. No one has asked me about it even though I have my morning coffee in the university restaurant with students and staff coming and going.

As an individual, I write to councillors and politicians and anyone I think might be swayed by my ideas.

As an individual, I tagged along with students and others at a rally of Cambridge City Hall. I was prepared to offer suggestions to councillors should any venture out to talk with me – none did. (more on this later)

As a member of a student group (or seniors for that matter) they collectively might actually prepare a list of things they expect the city Councillors to do if we ever get to speak with them. What is the point of hollering for attention and then having nothing specific to offer when asked?

As a place to start, how about asking city level lawmakers to pass a bylaw that eliminates plastic signage during elections or passing a bylaw that regulates minimum and maximum heating and cooling levels in municipal buildings.

As a group we might actually prepare letters to send to corporations asking them to be better corporate citizens. Like taking plastic out of tea bags, taking plastic stickers off of fruit and vegetables etc. These requests (for corporate participation) could be made without legislation of any kind.

At the Provincial level we might ask for legislation for the protection of arable land or for natural burial that eliminate embalming and the subsequent leaching of chemicals into ground water resources.

As groups, at the Federal level we could address bigger and bigger problems. In the category of human rights we might demand action of female genital mutilation; we might demand that oil and gas companies refrain from burning off waste gas as it is wasteful of a natural resource and creates greenhouse gas.

We could ask NGOs and activists to share data bases and resources to categorize and to make prior zed lists of what the heck they want done and when.

As combined concerned citizens of 193 nations we could use the Avaaz model and create demand petitions on a regular timetable and repeating order to address the priorities set by mutual consensus, to all nations simultaneously.

We need to work at every level in a better organized manner if we are ever going to put some structure into this challenge; and we need to make our personal concerns visible just as if you were proudly wearing a uniform.

There are more ideas at

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