Consider a small adhesive paper sticker, strategically placed, to be similar to a small flyer or handout which we might use, to pass on information, gain public support, change attitudes and practices. Read more –

One day I had this simple idea which made me speculate. If food producers could put plastic stickers on fruit and vegetables, and make the public responsible for removing them and recycling them, then why could the public not do the same thing? We could conceivably put paper stickers in conspicuous places asking the public to stop buying products (or cease other destructive practices) that are creating a hazard to the health of our planet, and to ourselves. E.g. Like the aforementioned plastic stickers that get washed into the planets water systems. This of course is just a simple example of what could be communicated with a worldwide sticker crusade. Other examples might include stickers as follows –

  • On a product shelf – This product contains plastic micro beads – do not buy
  • On a display counter – This product contains a hormone mimicker chemical – do not buy
  • On a store window – For a healthier planet do not buy plastic toys this year and stop buying battery operated toys.
  • On a display shelf – This packaged food product has excess sugar/salt/fat/nitrates/ etc..
  • On a flower shop window – do not buy imported flowers as the impact on the planet is profound.
  • Tell your favorite political party that you will never put up a plastic campaign lawn sign – put a sticker saying this on the sign painter’s window so that all customers will see it.
  • On a funeral home window one might place a sticker that says – please provide formaldehyde-free burial to protect ground water.
  • On a restaurant window one might place a sign that says stop cooling this place below 75 degrees to avoid wasting finite energy.
  • On a supermarket window – Do not shop here until they stop selling GMO produce
  • On your car window or bumper – support a worldwide ban on Female Genital Mutilation
  • On Leaf Blowers – Buy a rake and save fossil fuel for something important, like the future for instance.
  • On plastic bladed snow shovels – the plastic on this implement will wear away and become part of the oceans toxic soup.
  • On the window of a carpet store – If you must have carpet buy only natural fibers as synthetics shed into the environment and become part of a toxic food chain.
  • On your car bumper – support Proportional Representative electoral systems, where a political party cannot have greater representation than it deserves.
  • On a car – Next time please buy something with less horse power.
  • On your own car – I promise – My next car will be more environmentally friendly.
  • On a power boat – Buy a sail boat and stop corrupting our waters
  • On the counter next to the coffee maker – Refuse to drink coffee made from single disposable K cups.
  • (added April 12 2019) A vote for any Conservative party is a vote for business interests and a vote against the interests of people

If we assume that the planet is in trouble then we should see it as our responsibility to do something about it. This is certainly something anyone could do to expose the many problems we have to address.

It would not be difficult to print and distribute stickers pretty much anywhere on the planet. The language needed would match the area being considered. They are cheap and non-destructive providing the proper adhesive is used.

We can go the political route, the activist route, the NGO route, the letter to the editor route, the prayer route etc.; we can read everything on the internet and in the alternative press but little is going to change without a common collective action. Working both domestically and locally are fine but the movement for change (like India’s goal for independence) needs to be global and all inclusive.

I offer this idea for public debate and consideration. Your thoughts are important.



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