PLASTIC – a 25 year plan 

“The ocean is like a soup of plastic mostly composed of fragments invisible to the human eyes, killing life and affecting dangerously our health.” Pierre Fidenci,

The Montreal Protocol was an internationally ratified treaty to protect the ozone layer by phasing out the production of numerous substances that are responsible for ozone depletion. We urgently need a similar international treaty to curb the devastating and deadly effects of plastic. –Matt Foster – Civis Mundi

Preamble Considerations

The banning of plastic products must go well beyond bottles and bags. We must seriously look at legislating against the use of plastic in manufacturing worldwide. It is a threat to our existence and we cannot afford to ignore it any longer.

Plastic is not benign. It is like a malignant cancer causing devastation to every organism and ecosystem it touches on the planet. Educating the public on the threat of this destructive substance must be a priority. Banning it worldwide, in all but a few situations, is crucial.

Here are some of the problems with plastic:

  • Excess packaging meant to deceive the consumer.
  • Leaching of toxins into food and environment
  • Ingestion by birds from floating plastic waste leading to death
  • Floating plastic waste as transport for invasive species
  • The ability to kill over and over again due to its longevity
  • Micro fragmentation in oceans used as food source by fish and birds
  • Waste of a petroleum resource
  • Fish and mammal entrapment from lost plastic fishing nets
  • Most plastic products could be manufactured with alternate materials
  • Clogged waterways and swirling mass of floating plastic in waterways and oceans
  • Reproduction abnormalities from ingestion and exposure to leachates
  • Teflon concerns
  • Clogging of sewers and drains

The first global petition might look something like this: 

Directed To: The governments of all 190 (plus) countries of earth. 

“As concerned citizens of this planet, we urge you, our political representatives, to immediately ban the food industry’s use of plastic identification stickers from fruit and vegetables grown, packaged, imported and distributed within our countries. Clear and effective action is needed immediately to reduce the flow of plastic waste into our collective landfills, water-ways and food chain and the subsequent harmful effects of such stickers” – Of course the first item proposed need not be fruit and vegetable stickers – it could be candy bar wrappers, coffee cup covers or drinking straws. The important thing is to get a start.

The following 24 year petitions could draw from the following:

The fast food industry

The snack and candy industry

The signage and labelling industry

The toy industry

The food packaging and container industry

The laundry and cleaning products industry

The appliance industry

The indoor and outdoor furniture industry

The beverage industry

The health care industry

The stationary industry

The apparel industry (manufacturing and packaging)

The shoe industry

The plumbing and electrical industry

The automotive industry

The eyewear industry

The waste collection and recycle industry

The throwaway products industry

The aviation industry

The building industry

All other industries using plastic.


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