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Civis Mundi Political Chart

Before moving on to tolerable ideology lists, after previously providing acceptable and centrist ideology lists, it might be best to show how this political chart was put together.

It is obvious that Left ideology should be on the left side of the chart and the Right on the right side. It is less obvious how to handle the aspects of neutrality vs. severity; equality vs. inequality; individualism vs. authoritarianism; independence vs. interdependence; state intervention into the market place; economic systems and the markets themselves. Following all are graphically displayed for those interested. (Visit the link to see all the additional links to further information at http://civismundi.net/civismundi.php?p=06-Political+Chart


So if Left is on the left, and the Right is right, we have this first basic representation.

left - right2

On this next sketch the chart is divided horizontally into two equal portions.

Monism vs plualism

The upper half represents ideology that stresses independent thought and limited government intervention. This is labeled Monism rightly or wrongly.

The lower half represents ideology that promotes government and interdependent participation. This is labeled Pluralism rightly or wrongly.


Next we show how business is handled in the markets.


And the economic systems that are used to control the market place.

Markets 2

There are many more variations but this should show that they are part of all political ideologies.

This last chart simply includes the greater part of Left and Right ideologies. You can use these words to do Wikipedia searches for more information.

political systems

This project was started because I felt that any of the so called political charts that I found were designed to mislead and direct the reader/visitor to embrace and identify with Libertarian or Conservative ideology. I know I am Left leaning, but I hope that this is a fair representation of both sides of the ideology scene.

If this presentation is difficult to follow, I would appreciate any ideas on how it might be improved.


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