“I know no class of my fellowmen, however just, enlightened, and humane, which can be wisely and safely trusted absolutely with the liberties of any other class”
—Frederick Douglass

I am attempting to write up acceptable, tolerable, radical and fanatical ideologies from both the left and right sides of my political chart. This is my first try at capturing it all in a list form. I invite any readers to help me edit this paper.

The following Basic Radical right winged fascist Ideology, was gleaned, for the most part, from an article by Dr. Lawrence Britt – a political scientist. (Any errors in interpretation and misguided additions are mine alone)

  • There is/was an outward display of pride for anything military.
  • There are/were extreme expressions of nationalism.
  • Anything foreign is/was suspect – bordering on racial intolerance.
  • Opponents to the government are/were demonized.
  • Secrecy is/was a major tactic in hiding abuses to citizens.
  • Torture is/was used to gain information.
  • The government uses scapegoats to put fear into the minds of citizens.
  • Scapegoats are used to shift blame and hide mistakes.
  • There was great disdain of anything on the political LEFT. I.E. communism, socialism, and labor unions.
  • Racial minorities, mentally ill, and infirm were/are targeted.
  • Active opponents to government were/are intimidated or are classed as terrorists.
  • Ruler are often linked to the military as doing so is seen as an expression of nationalism and patriotism.
  • Rulers often like to wear military uniforms in public and like military parades.
  • Rulers are often linked to the military industrial complex.
  • A disproportionate share of resources was allocated to the military at the expense of domestic needs.
  • The military is used to intimidate other nations, and to assert national and corporate economic goals.
  • Foreign nations are forced into arms races to achieve a degree of security and defence. (now it is generally a quest for an atomic arsenal.)
  • Greater and more powerful weapons are constantly developed and deployed.
  • State religion generally supports the male dominated, homophobic, anti abortion attitudes.
  • Rulers portray themselves as protectors of the state’s dominant religion.
  • Most regimes attached themselves to the prominent religion of the country.
  • Ruler and propagandists like to portray other groups as “godless”.
  • Women are generally suppressed and viewed as second-class citizens.
  • Members of other religions are targeted.
  • The “Business Interest” media can be relied on to support the ruling party line.
  • Government abuses of power are seldom if ever reported to the public.
  • Population is subjected to constant propaganda and misinformation.
  • There is always an obsession with state security.
  • National security is used as a cover for secret state abuses of power.
  • Questioning of government activities is portrayed as unpatriotic.
  • Organized labor is suppressed, demonized, and made powerless or eliminated altogether.
  • The poor are viewed with suspicion, disapproval and contempt.
  • Labor is exploited everywhere and businesses have in the past used government provided slave labour in the past.
  • There is disdain for human rights.
  • There is disdain and suppression of intellectuals.
  • Intellectual and academic freedom are considered suppressive to national security.
  • Universities are tightly controlled. (in past regimes)
  • Faculty with ‘unorthodox’ ideas were harassed and eliminated.
  • Art and literature that served the national interest was all that was allowed in past regimes.
  • There is a phenomenally large prison population.
  • Police are glorified and are relatively unchecked.
  • There is/were a lot of trumped up charges against political opponents.
  • Fear is promoted as an excuse for more policing power.
  • There is/was rampant cronyism and corruption as corporate people, and plutocrats used their positions to enrich themselves.
  • Those who are/were in power also enriched themselves through the power elite.
  • Corruption was never exposed in the controlled media.
  • Elections are/were generally fraudulent. Gerrymandering, purging of voter lists, hacking of voting machine, robocall, making voters wait to long, etc)
  • Voters are/were often disenfranchised, intimidated, or their ballots were discarded.
  • As a last resort, regimes turned to the judiciary, which was beholden to the power elite.
  • Rulers are/were self-declared dictators and puppets of Theocratic, Aristocratic, Big Business, the Oil Industry, the Military Complex, and Oligarchic forces.
  • Rulers exempt (ed) themselves from all laws and treaties.
  • International treaties are abandoned or ignored.
  • Global warming and environmental protection is now considered irrelevant.
  • The pulpit has become a soapbox for preaching right wing dogma, creationism as fact and science as obscene.
  • Many adherents of the right accept as few as a  single idea as being all important while ignoring all the rest -Eg. abortion, gay marriage ((I prefer the word Pairage), birth control, euthanasia, etc..
  • Christianity itself has been systematically bastardised to incorporate greed and the possession of goods as noble.
  • The United Nations, as was the League of Nations, is treated with distain and hatred.


Note the warning from Ike, who knew well the horror of war against Fascism and Totalitarianism.

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”
— Dwight David Eisenhower, 1961

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