Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful. ~Seneca the Younger

“I do not fear the man who does not read, I fear the man who reads only one book.” Anonymous


As I recall, the Left originally had a stranglehold on the religious voter as those on that side of the political chart pretty much embodied the notion of “treat others as you would like to be treated yourself”. This “golden rule” (that we all learned in Sunday school) was generally accepted as the prime directive of Christianity and other religions. Then after the Second World War, along came ‘abortion’ as an issue of reproductive and women’s rights. This was pretty much accepted as a left issue as it fit into the ideology of individual freedom. It was accepted and put under the Democrat/Liberal umbrella. Then along came the ‘gay issue’. This was pretty much adopted by the same people as it also fit into the broad ideology of liberalism. The ‘gay marriage’ issue intensified the situation but like other human-rights issues, it was brought in, out of the storm of controversy. It also fit under the umbrella, but now if it was becoming somewhat unpleasant for some of the people seeking a political haven there.

For generations the Republican/Conservative “right” had difficulty drawing in the religious voter as they collectively had an air of self and greedy ambitions about them and sharing was not their big virtue. That was about to change.

The religious voter found him/herself in a bit of a dilemma with neither the Left nor Right representing an ideology that he/she could totally accept without making a compromising decision of conscience on some of these thorny issues.

The only solution was for “religion” to become more tolerant of the “right” ideology. This was done in two ways as a bit of compromise was in order. – The Republican/Conservatives adopted and embraced ‘religion’s’ viewpoint on issues of reproduction, and homophobia as their own, while ‘religion’ accepted and promoted the possession of material goods and money as virtuous. Problem solved!

Christ was given a makeover and transformation like at no other time in history. His beard was trimmed and he donned a blue business suit and he threw away the whip he had used on the moneychangers as he welcomed them back into the temple.

The flag was dragged into the church and placed next to the altar along with other symbols on nationhood and of the aggressive God of the Old Testament. (Kind of like Hitler dragging his crooked cross into the church seventy-five years ago, more or less)

The entire flock became Crusaders – the Cross became a sword – the Bible became a deed for land in the Middle East – getting the Jews back into Israel became an obsession – promoting Armageddon became a passion – science became regarded as obscene – Darwin was dismissed – creation was taught as fact – patriotism was portrayed as virtuous – The pulpit became a soapbox – thwarting the Ungodly liberal by any ‘sleazy stuff is OK because it’s in the service of a greater good’ (Reference Bill Maher) – brain washing became an art form – doing whatever necessary to bring on the second coming of Christ was deemed laudable – the fouled planet’s continuance was deemed irrelevant, and presumably left for the devil and the unholy when Christ returns and makes a new home in Heaven for the believers .

North American religion is now under the big-business umbrella and spreading the dogma around the world. If it were on the stock market, I would be in line to buy some shares.

The combination of dogma and ideology is somewhat unstable in this union. The leaders from both sides – I.e. The plutocrats accept the theocrats votes and cash, while the Theocrats get their hand on the tiller of government. They play the game of cooperation but they are not real happy in this marriage of convenience. They are often contemptuous of one another in this unholy union. For me it is hard to tell; which are the wolves, and which are the sheep? Ref: Gospel of Matthew 7:15

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