Demonstrations are necessary, but generally ineffective and soon forgotten. However, fifty million signatures on a worldwide E-Demand/Petition would get  the attention of everyone and could not be forgotten.

Basic rules for social justice advocates, and environmentalists, worldwide –

  • List all of your concerns
  • Categorize your concerns
  • Prioritize your lists
  • Submit your priorities to a site solely dedicated to working on your behalf

What CIVI MUNDI would do for you (if it existed)]

  • Put structure and order into a worldwide demand for action
  • Create an E-Demand/Petition to your specifications and requirements
  • Present the E-Demand/Petition to the membership for  consideration and signatures
  • Distribute the E-Demand/Petition to the lawmakers in all 193 nations.
  • Give every category equal weight and attention
  • Repeat the process when all categories have had their E-Demand/Petition processed
  • Create a spread sheet that would tell the world what we want done over the next 25 years so that no one is unaware of our concerns.