Taliban/Cancervative Ideology


There was an article in the paper today about the Taliban. As I read it I came to the conclusion that their radical ideology is pretty much the same as that of our Conservative Party – or as I call the “Cancer”vative Party for obvious reasons. (It seeks to destroy every structure of our society even if it dies itself in the process)

The Taliban is anti-Christian and anti-Jewish but the Big Cs are increasingly Islamophobia and more than willing to advertise the fact. One should remember that atrocities in Germany started by the promoting of hatred for the way some German citizens dressed in public places.

So what else is comparable? In point form I offer the following; with a few at the end that are exclusively Big C ideology:

Objective of gaining and retaining power at all costs



Pro-religious dogma

Anti-women rights


Blatant Homophobia

Anti-family planning


Pro-disenfranchising voters



Anti-public broadcasting

Divisive politics

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