The ‘Stupid’ Albatross

The ‘Stupid’ Albatross

There is a heartbreaking video on YouTube web that shows the plight of the splendid albatross on Midway Island. See –

The parent birds comb the ocean for food for their chicks. They pick up our discarded plastic waste and bring it all to the nest to disgorge into the waiting beaks of their offspring. Of course the chicks wither and die agonizing deaths when the ‘food’ provides no nourishment and clogs their collective digestive systems. The unfortunate chicks rot in the sun and the released plastic returns to the environment to potentially kill again and again. We may well think about how unfortunate it is that these ‘stupid’ birds cannot learn from this cause and effect experience.

This unfortunately is but one example, with one single species, but it plays out similarly with many fish, turtles, mammals and birds – E.g. Pick up coloured plastic waste – eat it or feed offspring – consumer dies – slow erosion of the species – eventual extinction – poor stupid creatures!

Of course the ‘stupid’ albatross will never learn from the experience as it is beyond its ability. Only we ‘advanced and evolved’ humans have the capability to reason out this simple cause and effect equation and resolve it. However, we humans appear to be as helpless and as unwise as the lowly albatross. If we examine this plastic crisis, we know without a doubt, that we are headed for certain disaster. We however expand our use of plastic at a horrendous rate and (like the ‘stupid’ albatross) we feed it our planet, and every organism upon it, at an ever increasing rate. We then fly off, again and again, to purchase more to use, discard, corrupt, poison and kill.

Before you shrug your shoulders and say “it’s not my fault, and I cannot do anything about it” let me suggest that you can do something, and that you must do something.

First have a look at the ideas expressed at Read closely and if you think there is any merit in the basic ideas, then ask your friends to help debate, refine, and expand them.

Only when we categorize the whole range of problems; list the issues under the headings; prioritize the issues into a long range plan of at least 25 years; unit the people worldwide under a common banner with a common mission to resolve the issues one by one; resolve to make our elected politicians represent our collective interests; stand united in our resolve; only then will we make any headway.

Pass this on if you do nothing else. Show the world that we can do something tangible. Let’s create a worldwide movement that will put the common people in charge of our own destination and survival.

Remember that time, above all things, is now our greatest and unforgiving enemy.

Matt Foster – civis mundi

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