The world is coming apart at the seams and at some point will almost certainly be unable to adapt to, and sustain our excessive numbers, abuses and demands. While this is assured without some dramatic changes, the majority of us feel helpless and do nothing, when we should be collectively looking for a unified solution, and more importantly formulating and tabling a long range plan. The reality is that we have to take action, and without having a long range plan, we will just keep spinning our wheels and nothing will get accomplished.

There is always a small part of society that grasps the injustice of any given situation and reacts to it. The issue could be racism, homophobia, apartheid and injustices such as the Viet Nam war. The driving force is generally from the meeker side of society fuelled by passion coupled with compassion. In the greatest social and environmental challenge ever to face humanity, we need to awaken and focus this meeker segment of individuals in all societies worldwide.

Today’s worldwide dilemma is complex in the extreme. Trying to get the attention of politicians with our million complaints and suggestions all at the same time has the opposite effect to what we desire. To gain support, the message must be singularly specific and the goal must be clearly defined, practical and attainable. In addition, while the concerned individual is all important, he or she must have the power of numbers to be taken seriously.

The pressure for meaningful action and change must come from the people themselves. This is the key that is being overlooked. The findings of conferences, scientists, activist groups, the UN, or anyone else are meaningless unless the people are moved, in great numbers, to clearly support and voice such support for such findings and initiatives.

Trying to address the whole challenge as a single issue is ineffective and futile. This multifaceted and global challenge needs to be broken down into its component parts so that they can be addressed logically, systematically and consistently. Saying something like “Stop Global Warming” is like saying “Cure my fever” without first identifying the underlying cause. The latter is a symptom with perhaps several causes. The former is a symptom with thousands of causes – each of which needs to be identified, action proposed, agreed upon and prioritized.

Changing the direction of politicians is fundamental to success. Unfortunately politicians, for the most part, are as frail and frustrated as the rest of us. Just as we acquiesce to our superiors and bosses, our elected officials acquiesce to the Party leaders, who acquiesce to right winged pressure, influence and power. While citizens collectively think that our elected officials will act in the interest of society, this is seldom the reality. Willingly or unwillingly, they in fact are very much under the influence and direction of highly organized and powerful forces.

This simple paper makes no effort to expose the countless right winged influences. These influences are complex and cover almost every aspect of our daily lives. Fortunately in today’s world, information, and knowledge, is everywhere even though it is withheld from the general public to a large degree. Providing information must be part of this proposed plan for change.

Democracy itself also has many flaws, and in its present form often fails to produce legislatures which reflect the aspirations of a cross section of society. Identifying and correcting these basic flaws will be one of the objectives in the overall plan being envisioned here. (As an example, here in Canada, we have the Conservatives with 100% power, obtained with 39.6% of the vote in our flawed, so-called, democracy. No party, or individual, should ever have this unlimited and potentially devastating power.)

Is civil disobedience the answer to the problem? I advocate that we do not need to ‘take to the streets’ so much as we need to take to “social media” – but while we are considering how such a venue and forum might work, we first need an all-encompassing plan. Then it can be made available to everyone, everywhere through the suggested site. (Well! to almost everyone)

If we await our politicians, in our respective 300 or so countries, to address global concerns we will achieve nothing of consequence in a thousand futile years of trying. Unlike the sophistication of the right wing influences we are amateurs. Together worldwide, we have the research; we have the knowledge; we have the talents, but we are as a million individual voices all trying to be heard; all at the same time. It is time to change all of that. To be effective, it is time to make a plan, get organized and be really heard. The right has the power of money but the left has the potential power of people.

THE PLAN (which awaits your input, should you choose to do so)

First – We must identify the problem. The opening paragraph offers one for consideration.

Second – we must take all of the social and environmental problems that we can envision and place them into 26 categories or less. (The reason for this will become evident)

Third -we must take the issues in each category and prioritize them into a 25 year plan. (Starting with issues that are not too disruptive, while business and societies adapt to the changes that are imperative and essential)

Fourth – we must develop a dedicated social media site where the plan can be translated and displayed in all major languages. (If we see this as a global problem then we must inform and solicit input and debate as one worldwide society)

Fifth – we must allocate a two week period each year to each and every category, so that everyone will know precisely when any category (complete with its current prioritized issue) will get its opportunity to be considered. (And acted upon)

Sixth – an easily identifiable name and banner and mission statement should be chosen for this movement. (Preferably a Latin name to remove the stigma that can be attached to English etc. – for consideration, I offer Civis Mundi or Terra Cotta – meaning world citizen and burnt earth)

Seventh – using the technique of other organizations, or in collaboration with other groups, we could provide a petition related to the designated issue. (This would be chosen by those participating in the process)

Eighth – To provide direct contact with all politicians (and governing bodies) on the planet, we then direct the petition to only those who can act on our behalf. (If they fail to react, we must do everything in our power to put them out of work and replace them with people who truly represent society’s needs.)

As a place to start here are 24 categories of concerns – all of which need our collective and immediate attention. We just need to put them in order; prioritize the issues within; and collectively demand action from our respective politicians.

Category Ideas. (open to revision so long as we do not exceed 26 groups)

1. Air degradation

2. Democracy/Voting

3. Drugs

4. Energy

5. Farming/Forestry

6. Fishing/Whaling

7. Food

8. Genetic engineering

9. Health

10. Human Rights

11. Land/Soil Degradation

12. Mining

13. Non-personages (Influential groups)

14. Nuclear Issues

15. People’s Commons/Natural Resources

16. Plastic Issues

17. Population

18. Public Broadcasting/Freedom of speech/Right to Knowledge

19. Species (or biodiversity)

20. Toxins/toxicants

21. Trade and Labor

22. Transportation

23. Waste/Recycling

24. Water Resources

25/26 Open

In conclusion,

we need to arouse the passion, and compassion in the generally non-demonstrative and meeker side of the world’s peoples. They alone can gather and exert the power to affect change. Probably more than half of the world is rather meek. Meek does not have to mean weak. Inspired we can be a force for change but nothing can be done without a plan.

3 comments to WE NEED A PLAN

  • Anonymous

    This is good stuff! I’m already getting worried that our problems are too many for 26 categories, but I do see the rationale for two weeks on each. And, the important thing is to prioritize!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Matt. Good Luck.

    I didn’t see on the list War, arms trade, drone strikes.
    Under Democracy must include ISDS clauses in trade deals. Corporate control.
    Loss of arable land (farmland grab by corp). Loss of water (maybe you’ve got that).
    Restoration of oceans.

  • Category ideas need to be converted to actionable items by using verbs for all Category ideas!

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