Following the making of an extensive list of everything and putting them into categories a decision must be made as to which issue in each and every category will be put to the membership as a campaign. Once a consensus is made, the information and an e-petition would be distributed to all who have signed on as Civis Mundi. Whether individuals choose to participate in any campaign is their personal decision as no one should support anything they do not wholeheartedly believe in. Remember, to maintain some order and to minimize chaos that only one campaign per category will be addressed per year. Each and every one of the 26 categories would follow a predetermined rotation over the course of 12 months, and then the order would be repeated with new demands.

As an example, if we collectively agree that in the category of PLASTIC we will choose ‘the use of micro beads’ as the issue for worldwide attention. The relevant information and an invitation to sign an e-petition would be conveyed to members via email. The email might read “Tiny particles of plastic have been added to thousands of personal care products sold around the world. These microbeads, hardly visible to the naked eye, flow straight from the bathroom drain into the sewer system.”1. Please sign our petition demanding that this practice be eliminated, not only in your nation but worldwide.

The e-petition, after a given period of time, would be forwarded to each and every governing legislative in all 190 countries simultaneously.

This action meets the first two criteria that were noted earlier. It is certainly a righteous demand. It is certainly nonviolent as all we are asking through our e-petition is for all governments to do their collective duties and pass laws to immediately eliminate microbeads from each and every product produced and sold within their nation’s borders.

The third criterion specifies that we need to communicate the desire for support in our efforts. If actual fact, in our communications, we are not only recruiting members to the Civis Mundi movement we are asking NGOs to participate. NGOs have the information, knowledge and memberships to add to the effort. Civis Mundi would help to make their campaigns known to the world; they in turn would provide ideas and encourage their members to adopt the name Civis Mundi, to wear the ‘terra cotta uniform’ and to be part of the worldwide movement – everyone wins. Accepting the title of civis mundi or world citizen simple puts us all into one communication and action network. It takes nothing away from any individual or NGO


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