How can you help? Here are some things to consider.

Develop a Wikipedia page

Prepare a civis mundi  TED talk

Find a philanthropist who likes the idea and get them on board

Find celebrities who like the idea and get them on board

Find NGO and activist leaders who like this idea and get them on board

Provide verified translations for the words WORLD CITIZEN in all languages

Be a member willing to be visible and vocal

Be visible by showing your colors. Wear something with the terra cotta color every day – a tie, a scarf, a bandana, a handkerchief, a neckerchief, a sticker in your car window an on your mail box, a toque or my favorite – a shirt pocket of bold terra cotta with the words CIVIS MUNDI SUM proudly displayed. (I am a world citizen; I care, I am participating, I am approachable, let’s talk)

Use the world citizen greeting – “Are you a world citizen?” or universally “Civis mundi sum?”

Direct people to this site by using an email signature message on all outgoing email.

Be a promoter willing to write to NGO leaders, environmentalists, columnists, alternative news providers etc.

Encourage domestic and foreign students willing to write to student papers

Be willing to offer input and debate to this site

Be that someone who helps with web design and the CIVIS MUNDI registry

Be creative and help with promotional “STORE” ideas

Be a translator

Set up a parallel site in a different language

Be a researcher and gather info on the 26 or so categories of social and environmental issues.

Encourage old folks to set up free internet cafes in every town on the planet where they operate and finance things. (I really like this idea as it gives the seniors something tangible to do and the young people a place to debate and refine the ideas of Civis Mundi.)

Figure out how we might have a dedicated world citizen email address for anyone who wants one.

Get environmental authors to write about it

Write letters to the editor promoting the need to get something done.

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